School of Mathematics

International Applicants

The School of Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh welcomes applications from students across the world. We are highly-rated for both teaching and research, and if you study here you will be joining a community of staff and students from many countries.

Fireworks over the castle at the end of the Edinburgh International Festival
Fireworks over the castle at the end of the Edinburgh International Festival

We offer a wide range of degrees. Our flexible structure means that you can tailor your studies to your particular academic interests or career aspirations, whether these are in pure mathematics or concern Business, Finance, Computing, Statistics or Operational Research.

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  • For more information on being an International student at Edinburgh, and on what the city and the University have to offer, see the International Students pages.

International Scholarships

The School of Mathematics offers a number of scholarships (worth £1000 per year of study) to students of outstanding ability from countries outside the European Union.

For details of how to apply, please see:

Christopher D'Arcy

"My award has allowed me to purchase all the necessary texts and mathematics software such as Matlab. Edinburgh is such a fantastic university with wonderful facilities and the city has so much history and character."

Christopher D’ArcyBSc Mathematics and Statistics

International Qualifications

More information for International students, including details of entry qualifications and English language requirements, can be found on the following web pages. You are advised to read the appropriate pages before applying.

Well-qualified applicants may be able to enter second year directly.


Catered accommodation at Pollock Halls of Residence

The university will guarantee you accommodation in your first year of study with us but you must apply by the deadline which is usually in late August. You should apply for accommodation even if you are still waiting for a visa to enter the UK.

Full details of what the University offers can be found on the Accommodation Services website.

Student Profiles

Vladimir Eremichev (Russia)

Vladimir Eremichev

I am from Russia, but went to school in England. I've always wanted to study in the University of Edinburgh because of its renowned academic excellence and because I wanted to experience life in another part of the UK.

Edinburgh is a fascinating city. It can at first seem very old and historical, but at the same time it can be quite modern. It has everything a large city has to offer: vibrant nightlife, lots of opportunities in any kinds of activities or hobbies, career prospects and so on. On the other hand, Edinburgh is probably one of the greenest cities in the country, with many parks, gardens, lawns and even a volcano, which is extinct. The people are very warm and friendly as well.

I am now in my third year majoring in Mathematics and my studying experience here has been absolutely incredible. The course is very well structured. While focusing on pure mathematics, it provides a lot of freedom in terms of extra subjects one may choose: from poetry to astronomy to more mathematical subjects. I've always been more interested in Pure Mathematics and was able to choose courses which reflected this. In my first year I was also able to take outside courses in Philosophy and Physics. The teaching itself is superb, it combines lectures in large theatres with small tutorial groups where people work through material.

Overall, the university provides a tremendous amount of support to each student, whatever his or her needs and wishes are. There are also numerous clubs and student societies, including a great Maths society.

I am happy that I've chosen the University of Edinburgh as my place of study. It's not only great in terms of education but also as a place where you can pursue your aspirations and dreams.


Sen Hu (China)

Sen Hu

Studying as a maths student at the University of Edinburgh has been an amazing, experience for me.

When I first decided to go abroad to study in 2010, Edinburgh was not on the top of my list. However, the fascinating attractions of both the university and city soon caught my eye. The University has a global reputation for pioneering research in many fields.

The city has many different sides - historical, modern, multicultural etc—and is a prosperous Scottish capital. For me the most impressive part is that Scottish people are the most hospitable and friendly people you could ever hope to meet abroad!

All the staff are very helpful; if you have any problems, your voice can always be heard. Last summer, I was involved with a summer project in Statistics, and it was an amazing experience, because I got so inspired by the new topics in the field and worked with the best students and professionals in the School.

Edinburgh is a highly international and multicultural university. While here, I’ve made many friends from all kinds of backgrounds and there are many societies to help you meet new people. Through the Volunteer Office in the university, I did a whole year’s volunteering in a local charity. It was a great pleasure as I helped many homeless people in the city and met people outside the university. Most of all, I built up my employability skills for the future.

The experience in Edinburgh University has inspired me so much. Now I’m in my final year here, and I have decided to pursue further study in statistics.


Ifedamola Baale (Nigeria)

Ifedamola Baale

Life in the University of Edinburgh is one of the best experiences I have ever had. My experience here has been amazing. As an international student, I was determined to go to one of the best universities in the UK and the University of Edinburgh proved to be a top university in Mathematics.

My experience as a University of Edinburgh student has been both exciting and challenging. Edinburgh is a highly multicultural university, which means you get to meet people from all backgrounds and can get to learn from their culture. There is never a dull moment here and there is always something for you to do. The lecturers and tutors are always willing to help when there is a problem and you are always given various opportunities to be on top of your work.

The Careers Service has been more than helpful in ensuring I pursue my desired career in the right way. Researching about a career in investment banking can be quite frustrating as there are a lot of sub-sectors to deal with, but through information provided by the Careers Service and visits from employees of various firms, I have been provided with substantial information about my chosen career path. From providing practice tests to practice interviews, the Careers Service has improved my self-confidence and also improved my chances of getting an excellent job once I graduate.

The University of Edinburgh has really exceeded my expectations - not just as a place to study but also somewhere where you can pursue your dreams, have fun, meet people and enjoy yourself.


Chi Phone Yum (Hong Kong)

Chi Phone Yum

My first motive to study abroad is to improve my English, and it is less pressure studying in the UK than in Hong Kong. I have done two years of A-Level in England before starting my University life in Edinburgh.

One of the main reasons why I have chosen the University of Edinburgh is simply because of the great history and culture of Edinburgh. I also like the people living there. They are very nice and very helpful all the time.

The Maths course is very challenging and interesting for me. I like it very much because it helps me to develop how to think logically to solve a problem, as well as how to organise and write down what I have already thought. These skills can be applied to solve real life problems!

The Maths department provides a very established supporting platform for students. There are maths bases in the campus where you can find help. And there are plenty of exercises for you to get yourself familiar with the course.This is my last year in the University and I'm still enjoying doing maths questions!