Create a user function from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
function userfuncExcel(ExcelFile:string, WorkbookSheet:string):userfunc
function userfuncExcel(ExcelFile:string, WorkbookSheet:string, macro:string):userfunc
Name of the Excel file including the function implementation
Name of the worksheet in the workbook used for input and output
Name of the Visual Basic macro to be called to recalculate the spreadsheet. Optional, if not provided recalculation is done by the standard recalculation request
Return value
A userfunc object that can be used in the F functions to be embedded in formulas.
Further information
User functions allow extremely complex, recursive or non-algebraic expressions to be included in nonlinear formulae. As such they may make use of simulators or other black box evaluators. The actual parameters to a user function depend upon the way it is bound to the model by the F function. Please see the chapter on user functions for more details. Communication with Excel carries significant overhead and performance degradation may result from using functions of this type.
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