Create a formatted string from a string or a number.
function strfmt(str:string,len:integer):string
function strfmt(i:integer, len:integer):string
function strfmt(r:real, len:integer):string
function strfmt(r:real, len:integer, dec:integer):string
String to be formatted
Integer to be formatted
Real to be formatted
Reserved length (may be exceeded if given string is longer, in this case the string is always left justified).
Left justified within reserved space
Right justified within reserved space
Use defaults
Number of digits after the decimal point
Return value
Formatted string.
The following:
writeln("text1", strfmt("text2",8), "text3") 
writeln("text1", strfmt("text2",-8), "text3")
writeln(strfmt(r,0)," ", strfmt(r,4,2), strfmt(r,8,0)) 
produces this output:
text1     text2text3
text1text2     text3
789.123 789.12        789
Further information
1. This function creates a formatted string from a string or an integer or real number. It can be used at any place where strings may be used. Its most likely use is for generating printed output (in combination with write and writeln).
2. If the resulting string is longer than the reserved space it is not cut but printed in its entirety, overflowing the reserved space to the right.
Related topics
write, writeln.

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