Run a model.
procedure run(mo:Model)
procedure run(mo:Model, plist:string)
Model to be executed
String composed of model parameter initializations separated by commas
Further information
1. This procedure starts the execution of a model in a new thread: when the procedure returns, the model is not necessarily started (this may be delayed depending on the operating system load) and not necessarily terminated (the second model is executing concurrently to the caller).
2. When the execution of the model is completed (normal termination, interruption after calling stop, or runtime error) or could not be started, an event of class EVENT_END is sent to the caller. The execution status is returned via the event value but it may also be obtained using getstatus. The exit code related to the last execution may be retrieved using getexitcode.
3. The specified model must have been previously initialized with load and must not be running. If the same model has to be executed several times concurrently, it must be loaded several times in different model objects.
Related topics
load, wait, stop, getstatus, getexitcode, reset.

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