Load a problem into the optimizer.
procedure loadprob(obj:linctr)
procedure loadprob(force:boolean,obj:linctr)
procedure loadprob(obj:linctr, extravar:set of mpvar)
procedure loadprob(force:boolean, obj:linctr, extravar:set of mpvar)
procedure loadprob(qobj:qexp)
procedure loadprob(qobj:qexp, extravar:set of mpvar)
procedure loadprob(nlobj:nlctr)
procedure loadprob(nlobj:nlctr, extravar:set of mpvar)
Objective function constraint
Quadratic objective function (with module mmquad)
Non linear objective function (with module mmnl)
Load the matrix even if not required
Extra variables to include
Further information
1. This procedure explicitly loads a problem into the optimizer. It gets called automatically by the optimization procedures minimize and maximize if the problem has been modified in Mosel since the last call to the optimizer. Nevertheless in some cases, namely before loading a basis, it may be necessary to reload the problem explicitly using this procedure. If the problem has not been modified since the last call to loadprob, the problem is not reloaded into the optimizer. The parameter force can be used to force a reload of the problem in such a case. The parameter extravar is a set of variables to be included into the problem even if they do not appear in any constraint (i.e. they become empty columns in the matrix).
2. Support for quadratic programming requires the module mmquad or mmnl.
Related topics
maximize, minimize.

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