Load a MIP solution into the optimizer.
function loadmipsol(s:array(set of mpvar) of real):integer
function loadmipsol(solnum:integer):integer
An array containing the solution
Solution number (between 1 and XPRS_enumsols)
Return value
Operation status:
Solution rejected because an error occurred
Solution accepted
Solution rejected because it is infeasible
Solution rejected because it is cut off
Solution rejected because the LP reoptimization was interrupted
The following saves a MIP solution, modifies the problem, and then loads it into the Optimizer, reloading the MIP solution:
 mysol: array(set of mpvar) of real
 result: integer

 ...                       ! Make some changes
result:= loadmipsol(mysol) 
if result<>0 then writeln("Loading MIP solution failed"); end-if
Further information
1. This function loads a MIP solution into the optimizer that has previously been saved using procedure savemipsol or constructed by some external heuristic. In the latter case a value needs to be assigned to each discrete variable in the problem, such as mysol(x):= 1 (where x is a decision variable of type mpvar).
2. The values for the continuous variables in the s array are ignored and are calculated by fixing the integer variables and reoptimizing.
3. The second form of the routine can be called after a search for n-best solutions has been performed by the optimiser: the selected solution is used as input.
4. The current problem definition must be loaded into the Optimizer for loadmipsol to have any effect. If this has not recently been done, e.g., by calling maximize or minimize, the problem must be explicitly loaded using loadprob.
5. If the MIP solution is accepted by the Optimizer it causes the MIPABSCUTOFF control to be set accordingly. The provided MIP solution may help guiding the MIP heuristics but the branch-and-bound search will start from the initial LP relaxation solution as usual.
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