Load a Binary Model file.
procedure load(mo:Model, bimf:string)
procedure load(mi:Mosel, mo:Model, bimf:string)
Model object to be initialized
Bim file name
The instance on which the model will be run
Further information
1. This procedure initializes the model mo with the bim file bimf. If mo has already been initialized, the model it references is unloaded before trying to load the new file (note that this operations fails if the model is running). If the file bimf cannot be accessed or one of the required modules cannot be loaded, the procedure generates an IO error (which may be intercepted if the control parameter ioctrl is true).
2. When loading a model from a separate Mosel instance, it is important to keep in mind that the operation is performed in the environment of this instance (in particular its current working directory) and file names should be specified appropriately (the rmt: IO driver can be particularly helpful in this context).
Related topics
compile, setdefstream, run, unload.

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