Get the size of an array, set, list, constraint or string.
function getsize(a:array):integer
function getsize(s:set):integer
function getsize(l:list):integer
function getsize(t:string):integer
function getsize(c:linctr):integer
An array
A set
A list
A string
A linear constraint
Return value
Number of effective entries for an array, number of elements for a set or a list, number of characters for a string, number of terms for a constraint.
In the following, a dynamic array is declared holding eight elements, of which only two are actually defined. Calling getsize on this array returns 2 rather than 8. The length lw of the string w is 9.
 a:dynamic array(1..8) of real
 w = "some text"

a(1):= 4 
a(5):= 7.2
la:= getsize(a)
lw:= getsize(w)
Further information
In the case of a dynamic array that has been declared with a maximal range this number may be smaller than the size of the range, but it cannot exceed it. When used with a string, this function returns the length of the string (i.e. the number of characters it contains). If used with a linear constraint, this function returns the number of terms of the constraint (the constant term is not taken into account).

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