Get the value of an attribute.
function getattr(doc:xmldoc, n:integer, name:string):text
function getboolattr(doc:xmldoc, n:integer, name:string):boolean
function getintattr(doc:xmldoc, n:integer, name:string):integer
function getrealattr(doc:xmldoc, n:integer, name:string):real
function getstrattr(doc:xmldoc, n:integer, name:string):string
Document to use
Node number (must be an element)
Name of the attribute
Return value
The value of the attribute or an empty string, 0 or false depending on the expected type.
The following code extract prints the contents of 'name' (leftbound in a 10 character space) and the attributes 'id' of all 'employee' nodes, and the 'id' of their parent node.
    DB: xmldoc
    AllEmployees: list of integer

  getnodes(DB, "personnelList/region/employee", AllEmployees)
  forall(p in AllEmployees)
    writeln(textfmt(getvalue(DB, getnode(DB, p, "name")), -10),  
            "(ID: ", getattr(DB,p,"id"), ") ",
            "region: ", getattr(DB, getparent(DB, p), "id"))
Output produced by this code will look as follows:
Lisa      (ID: L234) region: EMEA
James     (ID: J876) region: APAC
Sarah     (ID: S678) region: AM 
Further information
1. Values of attributes are stored as text objects: the first version of the routine returns a reference to the object containing the attribute value. Modifying this text will also alter the attribute value. Using one of the alternative versions of this routine allows to avoid having to perform a type conversion.
2. A default value (empty string, 0 or false) is returned if the requested attribute is not defined. Use function testattr to check whether a given node has a particular attribute.
Related topics
setattr, testattr, getfirstattr

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