Search xprmsrv servers on the local network.
procedure findxsrvs(group:integer,maxip:integer,addrs:set of string)
Group number of the request
Maximum number of addresses to collect
Set to store the addresses found
Further information
1. This procedure sends a broadcast message over the local network and waits for replies from running xprmsrv servers (see Section The Mosel Remote Launcher xprmsrv). A given server will reply only to selected group numbers: the group argument specifies this property.
2. The IP addresses of the hosts having replied to the request are returned via the last argument of the procedure in the form of strings. The maximum size of this set is fixed by maxip. Note that the provided set is not cleared: if it already contains maxip elements the routine returns immediately.
3. Control parameters fsrvnbiter, fsrvdelay and fsrvport can be used to tune the behaviour of findxsrvs. This routine repeats fsrvnbiter times the following procedure: it sends a broadcast message to the fsrvport UDP port and then waits for up to fsrvdelay milliseconds for replies.
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