Export a problem to a file.
procedure exportprob(options:integer, filename:string, obj:linctr)
procedure exportprob(options:integer, filename:string)
procedure exportprob(filename:string, obj:linctr)
procedure exportprob(filename:string)
procedure exportprob
File format options:
minimization (default)
MPS format
Use scrambled names
Several options may be combined using +.
Name of the output file. If the empty string "" is given, output is printed to the standard output (the screen)
Objective function constraint
The following prints the current problem to the screen using the default format and with MinCost as objective function. The second statement exports the problem in LP-format and with scrambled names to the file prob1.lp maximizing the constraint Profit:
 MinCost, Profit:linctr

exportprob(0, "", MinCost)
exportprob(EP_MAX+EP_STRIP, "prob1", Profit)
Further information
1. If the given filename uses the default IO driver (no driver specified) and has no extension, Mosel appends .lp to it for LP format files and .mps for MPS format.
2. Normally, local symbols (i.e. defined in a procedure or function) are replaced by generated names in the exported matrix. However, if the model has been compiled with option -G, names defined locally to the routine calling exportprob are used in the exported matrix. Moreover, if a local symbol hides a global one, this symbol is prefixed by '˜'.
3. If no option is provided, the default format is LP for a minimization; if no constraint is given, the current objective (if available) is exported. The matrix is printed to the standard output when this function is used without parameter.
4. This function exports only the LP/MIP problem directly handled by the Mosel core libraries. It cannot report problem extensions managed by external modules. For instance, quadratic constraints or indicator constraints provided by the Xpress-Optimizer are not shown by this routine: for this type of problems, the module-specific writeprob routine has to be used instead of exportprob.

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