Execute an Optimizer command or enter interactive mode of the Optimizer.
procedure command(cmd:string)
procedure command
Command or sequence of commands separated by "\n" character
Solve a MIP problem and then enter interactive mode:
Further information
1. When used without parameter, this procedure enters an interactive mode of the Optimizer similar to the console mode: model execution is suspended and Optimizer commands can be typed directly. Model execution resumes after command quit has been typed or the input stream has reached an end of file. Using the alternate form of the procedure with an argument, one can send a command (or sequence of commands) to the Optimizer: this may be useful to execute commands for which there is no mmxprs interface.
During the execution of this procedure, callbacks set up in the model are effective and the problem solution status of mmxprs is updated upon termination. Note that, commands altering the problem must be avoided (like readprob, change of name of the problem, etc.) in order to preserve consistency between Mosel and Optimizer representations of the problem.
2. When Mosel is running in restricted mode (see Section Command line interpreter: restricted mode), the restriction NoExec disables this routine.

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