Abort execution if a condition is not satisfied.
procedure assert(c:boolean)
procedure assert(c:boolean,m:string)
procedure assert(c:boolean,m:string,e:integer)
Condition to verify
Error message to display in case of failure
Error code to return in case of failure (default: 8)
assert(and(i in I) mydata(i)>0)
assert(isodd(a),"a is not odd!!")
Further information
1. If the condition c is satisfied, this procedure has no effect, otherwise it displays an error message and aborts execution by calling exit. The versions of the procedure with 2 and 3 parameters can be used to replace the default message (location of the statement in the source) and default exit value (8).
2. Assertions are usually used as a debugging tool and are ignored when the model is compiled without debugging information (i.e. none of options -g or -G is used). It is however possible to keep assert statements even when no debugging information is included by specifying the compiler directive keepassert (see Section The compiler directives).
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