Insert a new plot on the user graph.
function IVEaddplot(name: string, color: integer): integer
A string representing the name of the plot which will appear in the legend.
An integer representing a color obtained using IVE_RGB or one of the predefined constants: IVE_BLACK, IVE_BLUE, IVE_CYAN, IVE_GREEN, IVE_MAGENTA, IVE_RED, IVE_WHITE, IVE_YELLOW.
Return value
An integer representing a handle to this plot. The handle should be stored for later use by the other graphing functions.
The following adds two plots to the user graph:
  plot1, plot2: integer

plot1:=IVEaddplot("sine", IVE_RED)
plot2:=IVEaddplot("random numbers", IVE_GREEN)
Further information
1. A plot is identified by its name and can be shown or hidden using its corresponding legend checkbox. A plot controls a virtually unlimited number of points, lines, arrows and labels which were added to it.
2. The maximum number of distinct plots is currently limited to 20. However, each plot can contain an unlimited number of points, lines, arrows and labels.

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