8-10 July, 2015: Edinburgh
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The registration desk will be in the foyer of 50 George Square. It will be open from 12:00 on Wednesday 8 July

Wednesday 8 July 2015
IntroductionWednesday (14:00-14:10) Chair: Julian Hall, Jacek Gondzio and Julius Zilinskas

PlenaryWednesday (14:10-15:10) Room G.03 Chair: Julius Zilinskas
Panos PardalosComputational Models and Challenging Optimization ProblemsAbstract

15:10-15:30: Coffee/tea in Foyer

Wednesday-1 (15:30-17:30)

G.01Chair: Maria Dolores Fajardo
Maria Dolores FajardoStable Strong Fenchel and Lagrange duality for evenly convex optimization problemsAbstract
Helmut GfrererComplete Characterizations of Tilt Stability in Nonlinear Programming under Weakest Qualification ConditionsAbstract
Isai LankoandéAn inexact proximal regularization method for unconstrained optimizationAbstract
Sebastian StichAccelerated Random SearchAbstract

G.02Chair: Dmitri Kvasov
Fernanda CostaTheoretical and Practical Convergence of a Self-Adaptive Penalty Firefly Algorithm for Constrained Global OptimizationAbstract
Ana RochaOn a smoothed penalty-based artificial fish swarm algorithm for global optimizationAbstract
Dmitri KvasovBlack-box global optimization: deterministic and metaheuristic approachesAbstract
João Lauro FacóGlobal Mixed Integer Nonlinear Optimization by Metaheuristic TechniquesAbstract

G.03Chair: Gabriele Eichfelder
E. Alper YildirimPolyhedral Approximations of Completely Positive Optimization ProblemsAbstract
Immanuel BomzeNew bounds for the cp-rank in copositive optimizationAbstract
Felix LiederUnifying Semidefinite and set-copositive relaxations of binary problems and randomization techniquesAbstract
Gabriele EichfelderCopositivity Tests based on the Linear Complementarity ProblemAbstract

G.05Chair: Julian Hall
Roger FletcherAugmented Lagrangians, non-negative QP and extensionsAbstract
Leandro PrudenteAugmented Lagrangian methods for nonlinear programming with possible infeasibilityAbstract
Lukas PospisilThe simplification of Spectral Projected Gradient method for solving quadratic programsAbstract
Jan KuratkoApplication of the Sequential Quadratic Programming Method to Finding Error Trajectories of Hybrid Dynamical SystemsAbstract

G.06Chair: Eligius Hendrix
Eligius HendrixSimplicial branch and bound based on the upper fitting, longest edge bisectionAbstract
Domingos CardosoLinear programming on graphs through star sets and star complementsAbstract
Joseane MacedoA filter-based dynamically dimensioned search algorithm for constrained global optimizationAbstract
Harald GünzelTangent cones of inverse Images of semi-algebraic setsAbstract

Wednesday (19:00-21:00)Fellows Library of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
Welcome reception

Thursday 9 July 2015

Thursday-1 (9:00-10:30)

G.01Chair: Christian Günther
José FernándezA tri-objective model for locating a semi-desirable facility in the planeAbstract
Christian GüntherFLO - A tool for solving multi-objective location problemsAbstract
Dimitri PapadimitriouRobust Multi-source multi-commodity capacitated Facility Location Problem (cFLP)Abstract

G.02Chair: Manuel Arana-Jimenez
Emrah KaramanNonconvex Vectorization Derived by an Extension of Gerstewitz's FunctionAbstract
Nergiz KasimbeyliCharacterization of efficient solutions in nonconvex vector optimizationAbstract
Manuel Arana-JimenezPseudoinvexity in continuous vector optimizationAbstract

G.03Chair: Diethard Klatte
Diethard KlattePseudo-Smooth Functions and Newton-Type Methods for Nonlinear Optimization and Complementarity ProblemsAbstract
Luca BergamaschiBFGS preconditioners for the normal equations arising in the Interior Point solution of constrained optimization problemsAbstract
Panos ParpasA Multilevel Proximal Algorithm for Large Scale Composite Convex OptimizationAbstract

G.05Chair: Michal Kocvara
Michal KocvaraA first-order multigrid method for convex optimizationAbstract
Michael StinglA New Algorithm for the Optimal Design of Anisotropic MaterialsAbstract
Satafa SanogoShape Optimization Method for Designing Stationary Plasma ThrustersAbstract

G.06Chair: Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Goran Lesaja (Anna Oganian)Risk-utility trade-off for a new method of statistical disclosure limitation based on a mixture model with constraints Abstract
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber (Ayse Ozmen)Precipitation Modeling by Polyhedral RCMARS and Comparison with MARS and CMARSAbstract
Marius RădulescuSingle period portfolio selection models with transaction costs and initial holdingsAbstract

10:30-11:00: Coffee/tea in Foyer

PlenaryThursday (11:00-12:00) Room G.03 Chair: Julian Hall
Serge GrattonMultilevel algorithms for large scale nonlinear optimization problemsAbstract

Thursday-2 (13:30-15:00)

G.01Chair: Umberto Dellepiane
Umberto DellepianeA Black-Box algorithm to solve Simulation-Optimization problems with chance constraints: general framework and applicationsAbstract
Sandra PieracciniAn optimization based approach to large scale flow simulation in fractured mediaAbstract
Sorin-Mihai GradAbout closedness-type regularity conditions in convex optimizationAbstract

G.02Chair: Jose Herskovits
Shuanghua BaiConstrained Best Euclidean Distance Embedding On A Sphere: A Matrix Optimization ApproachAbstract
Jose HerskovitsGeneral Semidefinite Programming, Nonlinear Smooth OptimizationAbstract
Chee Khian SimOn Finding a Generalized Lowest Rank Solution to a Linear Semidefinite Feasibility ProblemAbstract

G.03Chair: Miguel Anjos
Miguel AnjosExact Separation of k-Projection Polytope ConstraintsAbstract
Stefania RenziA linesearch derivative-free method for bilevel minimization problemsAbstract
Andreas LöhneFülöp's equivalence between a linear bilevel programming problem and linear optimization over the efficient set revisitedAbstract

G.05Chair: Philippe Mahey
Sebastian BanertBackward penalty schemes for monotone inclusion problemsAbstract
Laura CarosiSimplex-like sequential methods for a class of generalized fractional functionsAbstract
Philippe MaheyOperator-splitting methods for a stochastic multizonal energy planning problemAbstract

G.06Chair: Houduo Qi
Houduo QiConvex Euclidean Distance Embedding for Collaborative Position Localization with NLOS MitigationAbstract
Jordan NininH∞ control synthesis under structural constraints based on Global OptimizationAbstract
Zhening LiOn polynomial sized representations of Hilbert's identity and moments tensorsAbstract

15:00-15:20: Coffee/tea in Foyer

PlenaryThursday (15:20-16:20) Room G.03 Chair: Jacek Gondzio
Lieven VandenbergheChordal graphs and sparse semidefinite optimizationAbstract

Thursday-3 (16:30-18:00)

G.01Chair: Didier Aussel
Didier AusselDeregulated electricity markets with thermal losses and production bounds: models and variational reformulationAbstract
Giorgia OggioniA variational inequalities approach for a closed-loop supply chain network under environmental regulationsAbstract
Marcus HillmannApplication of nonconvex subdifferentials for solving semi-obnoxious facility location problemsAbstract

G.02Chair: Refail Kasimbeyli
Gulcin Dinc YalcinWeak subgradient method in unconstrained optimizationAbstract
Robert MohrOn the directional derivative of optimal value functions of nonsmooth convex problemsAbstract
Refail KasimbeyliSubgradient based solution method in nonconvex optimizationAbstract

G.03Chair: Demian Goos
Demian GoosAdvances in some fractional variational problems with Caputo derivativesAbstract
Albert FerrerA Comparative study of relaxation algorithms for the linear semi-infinite feasibility problemAbstract
Lorenzo LamparielloDistributed Methods for Constrained Nonconvex Optimization ProblemsAbstract

G.05Chair: Benjamin Heymann
Manuel VieiraAn Improved Two-Stage Optimization-Based Framework for Unequal-Areas Facility Layout ProblemAbstract
Cristian PelizzariHedging the Risk of Renewable Energy Sources in Electricity ProductionAbstract
Benjamin HeymannContinuous Optimal Control Approaches to Microgrid Energy ManagementAbstract

G.06Chair: Gabriele Eichfelder
Gizem SagolCopositive Optimization Based Bounds on Box Constrained Quadratic OptimizationAbstract
Julius ZilinskasInterval arithmetic and copositivity detectionAbstract
Peter DickinsonConsidering Copositivity LocallyAbstract

Thursday (19:00-22:00)Playfair Library Hall in the University of Edinburgh's Old College
Conference dinner

Friday 10 July 2015

Friday-1 (9:00-10:30)

G.01Chair: Kimon Fountoulakis
Kimon FountoulakisA problem generator and performance of methods for big data optimizationAbstract
Elina MancinelliInexact restoration method to solve the demand adjustment problemAbstract
Miten MistrySolving MINLP with Heat Exchangers: Special Structure Detection and Large-Scale Global OptimisationAbstract

G.02Chair: Aurelio Oliveira
Marta VelazcoInfluence of matrix reordering on the performance of the iterative methods for solving linear systems arising from interior point methodsAbstract
Luciana Yoshie TsuchiyaA New Proposal for the Approximate Solution of the Normal Equations in Primal-Dual Interior Point MethodsAbstract
Riadh OmheniTwo regularized primal-dual algorithms for nonlinear programmingAbstract

G.03Chair: Didier Aussel
Luce BrotcorneA Bilevel Approach to Determine New Energy Service PricesAbstract
Rossana RiccardiStrategic Gaming Analysis for Cement Industry: A Bilevel ApproachAbstract
Alain ZemkohoSolving Ill-posed Bilevel ProgramsAbstract

G.05Chair: Claudio Estatico
Claudio EstaticoMinimization in Banach spaces by Conjugate Gradient methodAbstract
Clement RoyerFrom first to second-order quality measures in direct-search methodsAbstract
Andrzej StachurskiOn the relation between conjugate gradient and quasi-Newton algorithmsAbstract

G.06Chair: Oliver Stein
Janez PovhConstrained polynomial optimization on commutative and non-commutative variablesAbstract
Oliver SteinCoercive polynomials and their Newton polytopesAbstract
Tomas BajbarNewton polytopes of stably coercive polynomials and related coercivity conceptsAbstract

10:30-11:00: Coffee/tea in Foyer

PlenaryFriday (11:00-12:00) Room G.03 Chair: Roger Fletcher
Sven LeyfferMixed-Integer PDE-Constrained OptimizationAbstract

Friday-2 (13:00-14:30)

G.01Chair: José Vicente-Pérez
Milos KopaOutput analysis and stress testing for risk constrained portfoliosAbstract
Cristinca FulgaPreferences in Mean-Risk Portfolio Optimization Abstract
Ozan KocadağlıA Multi-Objective Programming Approach with Different Importance and Priorities for Optimum Investment DecisionsAbstract
José Vicente-PérezRobust Multiobjective Linear OptimizationAbstract

G.02Chair: Alejandro Gutiérrez Alcoba
Alejandro Gutiérrez AlcobaPerishable inventory control with a service level constraint and non stationary demandAbstract
Adewoye OlabodeValue Iteration versus Policy Iteration on Markov and Semi Markov Decision problemAbstract
Francisco AragónGlobal convergence of the Douglas-Rachford method for some nonconvex feasibility problemsAbstract

G.03Chair: Giancarlo Bigi
Giancarlo BigiGap functions and descent methods for quasi-equilibriaAbstract
Shunsuke HayashiInfinite or finite-dimensional complementarity reformulation for the departure-time choice equilibrium problem with discrete multiple bottlenecksAbstract
Mauro PassacantandoCutting surface methods for equilibriaAbstract

G.05Chair: Goran Lesaja
Lilian BertiImproving interior point methods with continued iterationAbstract
Stanislaw GawiejnowiczMemory-efficient interior point method for solving a time-dependent scheduling problemAbstract
Goran LesajaAn Improved Full Nesterov-Todd Interior-Point Algorithm for Symmetric OptimizationAbstract

G.06Chair: Nikolai Krivulin
Joana DiasFluence Map Non-Linear Continuous Optimization for IMRT Treatment PlanningAbstract
Vyacheslav KalashnikovA Heuristic Algorithm to Solve Toll Optimization ProblemsAbstract
Nikolai KrivulinTropical Optimization Problems: Solution Methods and Application ExamplesAbstract

14:30-14:50: Coffee/tea in Foyer

Friday-3 (14:50-16:50)

G.02Chair: Belen Martin-Barragan
Mitja EchimRobust Nonlinear Dynamic Parameter Identification using Decomposition of NonlinearitiesAbstract
Andrea MannoDecomposition Techniques for Multi Layer Perceptrons TrainingAbstract
Belen Martin-BarraganA Projection Multi-objective SVM Method for Multi-class ClassificationAbstract
Simone SagratellaA Class of Convergent Parallel Algorithms for SVMs TrainingAbstract

G.03Chair: Tatiana Tchemisova
Maria Josefa CánovasOuter limit of subdifferentials and calmness moduli in linear and nonlinear programmingAbstract
Francisco Javier ToledoCritical objective size and calmness modulus in linear programmingAbstract
Miguel Angel Goberna TorrentRadii of robust feasibility and robust optimality for uncertain convex programsAbstract
Tatiana TchemisovaCQ-free optimality conditions for convex SIP problems with finitely representable compact indexAbstract

G.05Chair: Robert Gower
Robert GowerPreconditioning sequences of linear systems with generalizations of quasi-Newton formulasAbstract
Daniel LoghinParallel Adaptive Preconditioners for Sequences of KKT SystemsAbstract
Fabio DurastanteThe update of sequences of some incomplete decompositions matrices for preconditioningAbstract
Aurelio OliveiraImproving the splitting preconditioner for linear systems from interior point methodsAbstract

G.06Chair: Sonia Cafieri
César GutiérrezNonlinear scalarization mappings for set orderingsAbstract
Andrew ConnInversion, history matching, clustering and linear algebraAbstract
Sonia CafieriModularity maximization clustering with cohesion conditionsAbstract