8-10 July, 2015: Edinburgh
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Elisabetta AlleviUniversity of Brescia
María Evangelina AlvarezUniversity of Rosario 
Miguel AnjosPolytechnique MontréalExact Separation of k-Projection Polytope ConstraintsAbstract
Francisco AragónUniversity of AlicanteGlobal convergence of the Douglas-Rachford method for some nonconvex feasibility problemsAbstract
Manuel Arana-JimenezUniversity of CádizPseudoinvexity in continuous vector optimizationAbstract
Paul ArmandUniversity of Limoges
Didier AusselUniversity of PerpignanDeregulated electricity markets with thermal losses and production bounds: models and variational reformulationAbstract
Shuanghua BaiUniversity of SouthamptonConstrained Best Euclidean Distance Embedding On A Sphere: A Matrix Optimization ApproachAbstract
Tomas BajbarKarlsruhe Institute of TechnologyNewton polytopes of stably coercive polynomials and related coercivity conceptsAbstract
Sebastian BanertUniversity of ViennaBackward penalty schemes for monotone inclusion problemsAbstract
Aharon Ben-TalIsrael Institute of Technology
Luca BergamaschiUniversity of PaduaBFGS preconditioners for the normal equations arising in the Interior Point solution of constrained optimization problemsAbstract
Lilian BertiState University of CampinasImproving interior point methods with continued iterationAbstract
Giancarlo BigiUniversity of PisaGap functions and descent methods for quasi-equilibriaAbstract
Immanuel BomzeUniversity of ViennaNew bounds for the cp-rank in copositive optimizationAbstract
Luce BrotcorneINRIA Lille Nord Europe A Bilevel Approach to Determine New Energy Service PricesAbstract
Sonia CafieriEcole Nationale de l’Aviation CivileModularity maximization clustering with cohesion conditionsAbstract
Maria Josefa CánovasMiguel Hernández University of ElcheOuter limit of subdifferentials and calmness moduli in linear and nonlinear programmingAbstract
Domingos CardosoUniversity of AveiroLinear programming on graphs through star sets and star complementsAbstract
Laura CarosiUniversity of PisaSimplex-like sequential methods for a class of generalized fractional functionsAbstract
Andrew ConnIBM T. J. Watson Research Center Inversion, history matching, clustering and linear algebraAbstract
Fernanda CostaUniversity of MinhoTheoretical and Practical Convergence of a Self-Adaptive Penalty Firefly Algorithm for Constrained Global OptimizationAbstract
Zsolt CsizmadiaFICO
Umberto DellepianeUniversity of RomeA Black-Box algorithm to solve Simulation-Optimization problems with chance constraints: general framework and applicationsAbstract
Joana DiasUniversity of CoimbraFluence Map Non-Linear Continuous Optimization for IMRT Treatment PlanningAbstract
Peter DickinsonUniversity of TwenteConsidering Copositivity LocallyAbstract
Gulcin Dinc YalcinUniversity of AnadoluWeak subgradient method in unconstrained optimizationAbstract
Fabio DurastanteUniversity of InsubriaThe update of sequences of some incomplete decompositions matrices for preconditioningAbstract
Mitja EchimUniversity of BremenRobust Nonlinear Dynamic Parameter Identification using Decomposition of NonlinearitiesAbstract
Gabriele EichfelderTechnische Universität IlmenauCopositivity Tests based on the Linear Complementarity ProblemAbstract
Claudio EstaticoUniversity of GenovaMinimization in Banach spaces by Conjugate Gradient methodAbstract
João Lauro FacóUniversity of Rio de JaneiroGlobal Mixed Integer Nonlinear Optimization by Metaheuristic TechniquesAbstract
Maria Dolores FajardoUniversity of AlicanteStable Strong Fenchel and Lagrange duality for evenly convex optimization problemsAbstract
José FernándezUniversity of MurciaA tri-objective model for locating a semi-desirable facility in the planeAbstract
Albert FerrerUniversitat Politècnica de CatalunyaA Comparative study of relaxation algorithms for the linear semi-infinite feasibility problemAbstract
Jan FialaNumerical Algorithms Group
Roger FletcherUniversity of DundeeAugmented Lagrangians, non-negative QP and extensionsAbstract
Kimon FountoulakisUniversity of EdinburghA problem generator and performance of methods for big data optimizationAbstract
Cristinca FulgaBucharest University of Economic StudiesPreferences in Mean-Risk Portfolio Optimization Abstract
Ivet GalabovaUniversity of Edinburgh
Sergio García QuilesUniversity of Edinburgh
Stanislaw GawiejnowiczAdam Mickiewicz UniversityMemory-efficient interior point method for solving a time-dependent scheduling problemAbstract
Helmut GfrererJohannes Kepler UniversityComplete Characterizations of Tilt Stability in Nonlinear Programming under Weakest Qualification ConditionsAbstract
Adriana GnudiUniversity of Bergamo
Miguel Angel Goberna TorrentUniversity of AlicanteRadii of robust feasibility and robust optimality for uncertain convex programsAbstract
Jacek GondzioUniversity of Edinburgh
Pablo González-BrevisUniversidad del Desarrollo
Demian GoosUniversity of Rosario Advances in some fractional variational problems with Caputo derivativesAbstract
Nick GouldRutherford Appleton Laboratory
Robert GowerUniversity of EdinburghPreconditioning sequences of linear systems with generalizations of quasi-Newton formulasAbstract
Sorin-Mihai GradChemnitz University of TechnologyAbout closedness-type regularity conditions in convex optimizationAbstract
Serge GrattonCERFACS-IRIT, ToulouseMultilevel algorithms for large scale nonlinear optimization problemsAbstract
Christian GüntherUniversity of HalleFLO - A tool for solving multi-objective location problemsAbstract
Harald GünzelAachen UniversityTangent cones of inverse Images of semi-algebraic setsAbstract
César GutiérrezUniversity of ValladolidNonlinear scalarization mappings for set orderingsAbstract
Alejandro Gutiérrez AlcobaUniversidad de MálagaPerishable inventory control with a service level constraint and non stationary demandAbstract
Julian HallUniversity of Edinburgh
Shunsuke HayashiTohoku UniversityInfinite or finite-dimensional complementarity reformulation for the departure-time choice equilibrium problem with discrete multiple bottlenecksAbstract
Eligius HendrixWageningen University and Málaga UniversitySimplicial branch and bound based on the upper fitting, longest edge bisectionAbstract
Jose HerskovitsUniversity of Rio de JaneiroGeneral Semidefinite Programming, Nonlinear Smooth OptimizationAbstract
Benjamin HeymannEcole PolytechniqueContinuous Optimal Control Approaches to Microgrid Energy ManagementAbstract
Marcus HillmannUniversity of HalleApplication of nonconvex subdifferentials for solving semi-obnoxious facility location problemsAbstract
Qi HuangfuFICO
Vyacheslav KalashnikovTecnologico de MonterreyA Heuristic Algorithm to Solve Toll Optimization ProblemsAbstract
Emrah KaramanUniversity of AnadoluNonconvex Vectorization Derived by an Extension of Gerstewitz's FunctionAbstract
Nergiz KasimbeyliUniversity of AnadoluCharacterization of efficient solutions in nonconvex vector optimizationAbstract
Refail KasimbeyliUniversity of AnadoluSubgradient based solution method in nonconvex optimizationAbstract
Diethard KlatteUniversity of ZurichPseudo-Smooth Functions and Newton-Type Methods for Nonlinear Optimization and Complementarity ProblemsAbstract
Ozan KocadağlıMimar Sinan Fine Arts UniversityA Multi-Objective Programming Approach with Different Importance and Priorities for Optimum Investment DecisionsAbstract
Michal KocvaraUniversity of BirminghamA first-order multigrid method for convex optimizationAbstract
Milos KopaCharles UniversityOutput analysis and stress testing for risk constrained portfoliosAbstract
Nikolai KrivulinSaint Petersburg State UniversityTropical Optimization Problems: Solution Methods and Application ExamplesAbstract
Jan KuratkoAcademy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Application of the Sequential Quadratic Programming Method to Finding Error Trajectories of Hybrid Dynamical SystemsAbstract
Dmitri KvasovUniversity of CalabriaBlack-box global optimization: deterministic and metaheuristic approachesAbstract
Lorenzo LamparielloUniversity of RomeDistributed Methods for Constrained Nonconvex Optimization ProblemsAbstract
Isai LankoandéXLIM Research InstituteAn inexact proximal regularization method for unconstrained optimizationAbstract
Goran LesajaGeorgia Southern UniversityAn Improved Full Nesterov-Todd Interior-Point Algorithm for Symmetric OptimizationAbstract
Goran Lesaja (Anna Oganian)Georgia Southern UniversityRisk-utility trade-off for a new method of statistical disclosure limitation based on a mixture model with constraints Abstract
Sven LeyfferArgonne National LaboratoryMixed-Integer PDE-Constrained OptimizationAbstract
Zhening LiUniversity of PortsmouthOn polynomial sized representations of Hilbert's identity and moments tensorsAbstract
Felix LiederUniversity of DüsseldorfUnifying Semidefinite and set-copositive relaxations of binary problems and randomization techniquesAbstract
Ling LiuUniversity Carlos III of Madrid
Daniel LoghinUniversity of BirminghamParallel Adaptive Preconditioners for Sequences of KKT SystemsAbstract
Andreas LöhneUniversity of HalleFülöp's equivalence between a linear bilevel programming problem and linear optimization over the efficient set revisitedAbstract
Marco Antonio López CerdáUniversity of Alicante
Joseane MacedoUniversity of Semi-ÁridoA filter-based dynamically dimensioned search algorithm for constrained global optimizationAbstract
Philippe MaheyUniversité Blaise PascalOperator-splitting methods for a stochastic multizonal energy planning problemAbstract
Elina MancinelliUniversity of Rosario Inexact restoration method to solve the demand adjustment problemAbstract
Andrea MannoUniversity of RomeDecomposition Techniques for Multi Layer Perceptrons TrainingAbstract
Belen Martin-BarraganUniversity of EdinburghA Projection Multi-objective SVM Method for Multi-class ClassificationAbstract
Angeles MartinezUniversity of Padua
Ruth MisenerImperial College London
Miten MistryImperial College LondonSolving MINLP with Heat Exchangers: Special Structure Detection and Large-Scale Global OptimisationAbstract
Sudaba MohammedUniversity of Birmingham
Robert MohrKarlsruhe Institute of TechnologyOn the directional derivative of optimal value functions of nonsmooth convex problemsAbstract
Jordan NininENSTA BretagneH∞ control synthesis under structural constraints based on Global OptimizationAbstract
Bjorn NygreenNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Giorgia OggioniUniversity of BresciaA variational inequalities approach for a closed-loop supply chain network under environmental regulationsAbstract
Adewoye OlabodeYaba College of TechnologyValue Iteration versus Policy Iteration on Markov and Semi Markov Decision problemAbstract
Aurelio OliveiraUniversidade Estadual de CampinasImproving the splitting preconditioner for linear systems from interior point methodsAbstract
Riadh OmheniEcole Nationale de l’Aviation CivileTwo regularized primal-dual algorithms for nonlinear programmingAbstract
Dimitri PapadimitriouAlcatel-Lucent Bell LabsRobust Multi-source multi-commodity capacitated Facility Location Problem (cFLP)Abstract
Panos PardalosUniversity of FloridaComputational Models and Challenging Optimization ProblemsAbstract
Panos ParpasImperial College LondonA Multilevel Proximal Algorithm for Large Scale Composite Convex OptimizationAbstract
Juan ParraMiguel Hernández University of Elche
Mauro PassacantandoUniversity of PisaCutting surface methods for equilibriaAbstract
Cristian PelizzariUniversity of BresciaHedging the Risk of Renewable Energy Sources in Electricity ProductionAbstract
Sandra PieracciniPolitecnico di TorinoAn optimization based approach to large scale flow simulation in fractured mediaAbstract
Lukas PospisilTechnical University of OstravaThe simplification of Spectral Projected Gradient method for solving quadratic programsAbstract
Janez PovhFaculty of Information Studies, Novo MestoConstrained polynomial optimization on commutative and non-commutative variablesAbstract
Leandro PrudenteFederal University of GoiasAugmented Lagrangian methods for nonlinear programming with possible infeasibilityAbstract
Houduo QiUniversity of SouthamptonConvex Euclidean Distance Embedding for Collaborative Position Localization with NLOS MitigationAbstract
Marius RădulescuInstitute of Math. Statistics and Appl. Math., BucharestSingle period portfolio selection models with transaction costs and initial holdingsAbstract
Ricardo RamirezTecnologico de Monterrey
Stefania RenziUniversity of RomeA linesearch derivative-free method for bilevel minimization problemsAbstract
Rossana RiccardiUniversity of BresciaStrategic Gaming Analysis for Cement Industry: A Bilevel ApproachAbstract
Alice RobinsUniversity of Southampton
Ana RochaUniversity of MinhoOn a smoothed penalty-based artificial fish swarm algorithm for global optimizationAbstract
Margarita Rodriguez AlvarezUniversity of Alicante
Clément RoyerENSEEIHTFrom first to second-order quality measures in direct-search methodsAbstract
Johannes RuessDigsilent GmbH
Gizem SagolKoc UniversityCopositive Optimization Based Bounds on Box Constrained Quadratic OptimizationAbstract
Simone SagratellaUniversity of RomeA Class of Convergent Parallel Algorithms for SVMs TrainingAbstract
Satafa SanogoUniversity of ToulouseShape Optimization Method for Designing Stationary Plasma ThrustersAbstract
Angela ScardigliUniversity of Torino
Ricardo SilvaUniversidade Federal de Pernambuco
Chee Khian SimUniversity of PortsmouthOn Finding a Generalized Lowest Rank Solution to a Linear Semidefinite Feasibility ProblemAbstract
Andrzej StachurskiWarsaw University of TechnologyOn the relation between conjugate gradient and quasi-Newton algorithmsAbstract
Oliver SteinKarlsruhe Institute of TechnologyCoercive polynomials and their Newton polytopesAbstract
Sebastian StichUniversité catholique de LouvainAccelerated Random SearchAbstract
Michael StinglUniversity of Erlangen-NurembergA New Algorithm for the Optimal Design of Anisotropic MaterialsAbstract
Tatiana TchemisovaUniversity of AveiroCQ-free optimality conditions for convex SIP problems with finitely representable compact indexAbstract
Francisco Javier ToledoMiguel Hernández University of ElcheCritical objective size and calmness modulus in linear programmingAbstract
Lieven VandenbergheUniversity of California, Los AngelesChordal graphs and sparse semidefinite optimizationAbstract
Marta VelazcoFaculdade Campo Limpo PaulistaInfluence of matrix reordering on the performance of the iterative methods for solving linear systems arising from interior point methodsAbstract
José Vicente-PérezUniversidad Carlos III de MadridRobust Multiobjective Linear OptimizationAbstract
José Vidal-NuñezUniversity of Alicante
Manuel VieiraUniversidade Nova de LisboaAn Improved Two-Stage Optimization-Based Framework for Unequal-Areas Facility Layout ProblemAbstract
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber (Ayse Ozmen)Middle East Technical UniversityPrecipitation Modeling by Polyhedral RCMARS and Comparison with MARS and CMARSAbstract
Benjamin WeißingUniversity of Halle
E. Alper YildirimKoc UniversityPolyhedral Approximations of Completely Positive Optimization ProblemsAbstract
Luciana Yoshie TsuchiyaState University of CampinasA New Proposal for the Approximate Solution of the Normal Equations in Primal-Dual Interior Point MethodsAbstract
Alain ZemkohoUniversity of SouthamptonSolving Ill-posed Bilevel ProgramsAbstract
Julius ZilinskasVilnius UniversityInterval arithmetic and copositivity detectionAbstract