Scientific Program

The program and book of abstracts can be downloded here.

Plenary Speakers

Professor Stein W. Wallace, NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen:
Handling high-dimensional dependent random variables in vehicle routing

Professor Andrea Lodi, Department of Mathematical and Industrial Engineering, Polytechnique Montréal:
On Big Data, Optimization and Learning


Wednesday, 23 May Thursday, 24 May Friday, 25 May
Registration & Coffee
Opening Session
10:00-11:00Plenary - A. Lodi 9:30-11:10Parallel Session T1
T1a: Discrete Location II
T1b: Planar Location II
9:30-11:10Parallel Session
F1a: Hub Location II
F1b: Districting
11:00-11:30Coffee 11:10-11:45Coffee & Photo 11:10-11:40Coffee
11:30-12:45Parallel Session W1
W1a: Network Design I
W1b: Applications I
11:45-12:45Plenary - S. Wallace 11:40-12:55Parallel Session
F2a: Location-Routing II
F2b: Competitive Location
12:45-14:20Lunch 12:45-14:15Lunch 12:55-14:15Lunch
14:20-16:00Parallel Session W2
W2a: Location-Routing I
W2b: Planar Location I
14:15-15:30Parallel Session T2
T2a: Network Design II
T2b: Applications II
14:15-15:30Parallel Session
F3a: Airborne Location
F3b: Discrete OMP
16:00-16:30Coffee 15:30-16:00Coffee 15:30-16:00Coffee
16:30-17:45Parallel Session W3
W3a: Hub Location I
W3b: Discrete Location I
16:00-18:00City Tour 16:00-17:00EWGLA Session
19:00-21:00Welcome Reception
St. Cecilia's Hall
19:00-22:00Optional Whisky
Tasting & Dinner
19:00-23:00Conference Dinner
Contini Restaurant

Detailed Program

Session W1a : Network Design I, Wednesday 11:30-12:45, Room: Newhaven Lecture Theatre, Chair: Rajan Batta
  • Diego Ruiz-Hernandez, Jesus M. Pinar-Pérez, Mozart B.C. Menezes
    Mitigating Structural Complexity in Network Design
  • Alexandre Couëdelo, Onur Kuzgunkaya, Navneet Vidyarthi
    Robust Distribution Network Design Under Interdiction
  • Masoumeh Taslimi, Rajan Batta and Changhyun Kwon
    Acomprehensive modeling framework for hazmat network design, hazmat response team location, and equity of risk.

Session W1b : Applications I, Wednesday 11:30-12:45, Room: Seminar Room, Chair: Soheil Davari
  • Vladimir Marianov, H.A. Eiselt and Armin Lüer-Villagra
    Multipurpose shopping and retail store location
  • Marta Baldomero-Naranjo, Luisa I. Martínez-Merino and Antonio M. Rodríguez-Chía
    Exact and heuristic approaches for Support Vector Machine with l1 Ramp Loss
  • Soheil Davari
    The Hierarchical Multi-period Location of Facilities for the Elderly

Session W2a : Location-Routing I, Wednesday 14:20-16:00, Room: Newhaven Lecture Theatre, Chair: Olivier Péton
  • Uğur Eliiyi, Özgür Akgün, Emine Zehra Akgün and Deniz Türsel Eliiyi
    A Multi-Objective Constraint Programming Approach for Route and Garage Allocation of Electric Buses
  • Denise Tönissen, Joachim Arts and Max Shen
    A column-and-constraint generation algorithm for stochastic maintenance location routing
  • Rui Borges Lopes, Carlos Ferreira and Beatriz Sousa-Santos
    Location-routing in tourist trip planning
  • Guillaume Massonnet and Olivier Péton
    A sampling matheuristic for the location inventory routing problem

Session W2b : Planar Location I, Wednesday 14:20-16:00, Room: Seminar Room, Chair: Atsuo Suzuki
  • Mehdi Amiri-Aref and Maliheh Hashemi Tilenoi
    Weber location problem with probabilistic customer locations and restricted area
  • Marco Botte and Anita Schöbel
    A high-dimensional Weber problem with a subspace as feasibility set
  • Thomas Byrne and Jörg Kalcsics
    Location Problems with Continuous Demand on a Polygon with Holes: Characterising Structural Properties of Geodesic Voronoi Diagrams
  • Atsuo Suzuki, Zvi Drezner and Tammy Drezner
    Big Triangle Small Triangle Method for the Weber Problem with a Rectangular Obstacle

Session W3a : Hub Location I, Wednesday 16:30-17:45, Room: Newhaven Lecture Theatre, Chair: Elena Fernández
  • Gita Taherkhani, Sibel Alumur Alev and Seyed Mojtaba Hosseini
    Revenue Management in Hub Location Problems
  • Maria Battarra, Gunes Erdogan and Antonio Manuel Rodríguez-Chía
    Arc pricing in Hub Location Problems
  • Elena Fernández and Antonino Sgalambro
    On Carriers collaboration in Hub Location

Session W3b : Discrete Location I, Wednesday 16:30-17:45, Room: Seminar Room, Chair: Ioannis Giannikos
  • Minerva Martin Del Campo and Sergio Garcia
    A Lagrangian relaxation method for solving the p-median radius formulation
  • Alfredo Marín, Luisa I. Martínez-Merino, Antonio M. Rodríguez-Chía and Francisco Saldanha-Da-Gama
    A general model for discrete covering location problems
  • Maria Michopoulou and Ioannis Giannikos
    Cooperative Covering Location Problems: Exact and Heuristic Approaches

Session T1a : Discrete Location II, Thursday 9:30-11:10, Room: Newhaven Lecture Theatre, Chair: Ivan Contreras
  • Wlodzimierz Ogryczak
    Gini Index Minimization and Equitable Obnoxious Facility Location
  • Juanjo Peiró, Iris Jiménez, José Laguardia and Rafael Martí
    VND for the Capacitated Dispersion Problem
  • Mercedes Landete, Alfredo Marín and José Luis Sainz-Pardo
    Exact and matheuristic approaches to locate switches in a spanning tree
  • Ivan Contreras, Aditya Malik and Navneet Vidyarthi
    Two-level Capacitated Facility Location with Concave Costs

Session T1b : Planar Location II, Thursday 9:30-11:10, Room: Seminar Room, Chair: Anita Schöbel
  • Masashi Miyagawa
    Bi-objective Model for Optimal Number and Size of Finite Size Facilities
  • Andrea Maier and Horst W. Hamacher
    Bicriteria Multi-Facility Location Problems
  • Lina Mallozzi, Justo Puerto and Moisés Rodríguez-Madrena
    Conservative approach to location allocation problem for dimensional facilities
  • Jack Brimberg and Anita Schöbel
    When closest is not always the best: The distributed p-median problem

Session T2a : Network Design II, Thursday 14:15-15:30, Room: Newhaven Lecture Theatre, Chair: Robert Aboolian
  • Dagmara Wrzesińska, Philippe Chevalier and Isabelle Thomas
    Distance in the supply chain network design: a literature review
  • Germán Paredes-Belmar, Gabriel Gutiérrez-Jarpa, Vladimir Marianov and Carlos Obreque
    A feeder-trunk courier network design problem maximizing traffic capture and minimizing cost
  • Robert Aboolian, Oded Berman and Jiamin Wang
    Responsive Make-to-Order Supply Chain Network Design

Session T2b : Applications II, Thursday 14:15-15:30, Room: Seminar Room, Chair: Juan José Salazar González
  • Ken-Ichi Tanaka and Osamu Kurita
    Flow-Capturing Problem with Probabilistic Demand Coverage and its Applications
  • Martine Labbé, Alfredo Marín and Mercedes Pelegrín
    What Plant Location, Line Graphs and Haplotyping Have in Common
  • François Louveaux and Juan José Salazar González
    Exact approach to solve the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Demands and Restocking Policy

Session F1a : Hub Location II, Friday 9:30-11:10, Room: Newhaven Lecture Theatre, Chair: Mercedes Landete
  • Cihan Butun, Sanja Petrovic and Luc Muyldermans
    Capacitated Directed Cycle Hub Location Problem Under Congestion
  • Armin Lüer-Villagra, Vladimir Marianov and H.A. Eiselt
    A single allocation p-hub location problem with general cost structure
  • Prasanna Ramamoorthy, Sachin Jayaswal, Ankur Sinha and Navneet Vidyarthi
    Hub Location Under the Risk of Interdiction
  • Mercedes Landete, Ángel Corberán, Juanjo Peiró and Francisco Saldanha-Da-Gama
    New valid inequalities for a class of p-hub location problems

Session F1b : Districting, Friday 9:30-11:10, Room: Seminar Room, Chair: Carmela Piccolo
  • Rahul Swamy, Douglas King and Sheldon Jacobson
    Multilevel Optimization Framework for Generalized Districting Problems
  • Matthias Bender, Jörg Kalcsics, Anne Meyer, Stefan Nickel and Martin Pouls
    The Multi-Period Service Territory Design Problem
  • Saranthorn Phusingha and Jörg Kalcsics
    Benders Decomposition for the Multi-Period Sales Districting Problem
  • Giuseppe Bruno, Manuel Cavola, Antonio Diglio and Carmela Piccolo
    Districting models to redefine strategies for postal mail delivery service

Session F2a : Location-Routing II, Friday 11:40-12:55, Room: Newhaven Lecture Theatre, Chair: Pitu Mirchandani
  • Gul Culhan, Okan Arslan and Bahar Y. Kara
    Location-Location Routing Problem: An Interesting Application
  • Okan Dukkanci, Tolga Bektas and Bahar Kara
    A Two-Stage Heuristic Algorithm for the Green Location-Routing Problem
  • Pitu Mirchandani and Yazhu Song
    Routing and Detouring Consideration in Location of Refueling Points on a Network

Session F2b : Competitive Location, Friday 11:40-12:55, Room: Seminar Room, Chair: Lieselot Vanhaverbeke
  • Sebastián Dávila, Martine Labbé, Fernando Ordoñez, Frédéric Semet and Vladimir Marianov
    Bilevel programming models for multi-product location problems
  • Martine Labbé, Marina Leal and Justo Puerto
    A novel bilevel location model
  • Fuseina Mahama Musah, Penelope Schoutteet and Lieselot Vanhaverbeke
    Using online transaction data for offline store decisions: a modified Huff-model for determining a new store location

Session F3a : Airborne Location, Friday 14:15-15:30, Room: Newhaven Lecture Theatre, Chair: Bahar Kara
  • Takamori Ukai, Ken-Ichi Tanaka, Tomoatsu Tsuji and Sadaki Inokuchi
    Optimal Location Model for Determining Base Hospitals for Doctor-Helicopters
  • Thomas Ullmert and Nicolas Fröhlich
    Drone positioning in complex urban areas
  • Bahar Kara and Aysu Ozel
    Optimization of a drone-aided delivery network

Session F3b : Discrete Ordered Median Problem, Friday 14:15-15:30, Room: Seminar Room, Chair: Justo Puerto
  • Enrique Dominguez and Alfredo Marín
    Solving Discrete Ordered Median Problems with Induced Order: Preliminary Results
  • Alfredo Marín, Diego Ponce and Justo Puerto
    Quasimonotone Discrete Ordered Median Problem
  • Justo Puerto
    Semidefinite bounds and continuous convex reformulations for the Discrete Ordered Median Problem