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This website provides online access to the complete James Cook Mathematical Notes, from Issue 1 in 1975 to the final Issue 70 in 1996. See below for background information on publication of JCMN.

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Obituary of Basil Rennie, by George Szekeres, reproduced with the author's kind permission.

Background to publication of JCMN

The James Cook Mathematical Notes were started by Basil Rennie in 1975, when he was Head of the Department of Mathematics at the James Cook University of North Queensland, in Townsville, Australia. He was the editor and publisher, as well as the author of a great many of the articles. After his retirement in 1985, he and his wife Barbara moved back to Adelaide, South Australia, where, with Barbara's help, he continued to produce the journal until his death in 1996. The journal then ceased publication.

The JCMN is mainly concerned with mathematical problems, and their solution. The journal was fed by a wide network of correspondents throughout the world. Easily the most famous was Paul Erdös, who came to Townsville to see Basil on many occasions. Problems are posed, and then usually, but not always, solved by correspondents in later issues, often in several different ways. Some of these problems turn out to be old chesnuts, but most are new. There are articles on the mathematics of navigation. There are also some historical notes, usually having some connection to James Cook, the man. And then there is the occasional off-beat quotation.

Many of the articles in JCMN have no author's name attached. These were all written by Basil Rennie. But he also had a hand in many of the articles with other names attached! Sometimes, he would turn a correspondent's letter into an article, and attach their name. This process often entailed making non-trivial mathematical contributions to it!

A couple of the issues were edited by other staff members at James Cook University, when Basil Rennie was on leave. While on the staff at James Cook University from 1977 to 1984, I edited one of the issues.


This website has been set up with the encouragement and permission of Barbara Rennie and the Rennie family. I thank Edinburgh University Mathematics and Statistics Department for being willing to support the setting up and hosting of this site. In particular, I thank Steve Law for technical assistance, and Emma Farrell for scanning JCMN into electronic form. Please address any correspondence about JCMN to me.

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