Zoom Algebraic Geometry Marathon

Date: 1 September 2020 (Day of Knowledge).

Zoom Meeting ID: 991 849 3831 (ZAG Seminar).

Hosts: Sione (00:00-03:50), Jihun (04:00-07:50), Zsolt (08:00-11:50), Ivan (12:00-15:50), Charles (16:00-19:50), Julius (20:00-23:50).


Time in GMT Location Local time Speaker Title and Zoom Link
00:00 Sydney 10:00 Behrouz Taji Birational geometry of projective families of manifolds with good minimal models
01:00 Kyoto 10:00 Kanemitsu Akihiro Fano manifolds and stability of tangent bundles
02:00 Tokyo 11:00 Kenta Hashizume Relations between two log minimal models of log canonical pairs
03:00 Tokyo 12:00 Hsueh-Yung Lin On virtual invariants of zero entropy groups acting on compact Kahler manifolds
04:00 Seoul 13:00 Jinhyung Park A Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity bound for threefolds with rational singularities
05:00 Seoul 14:00 Sheng Meng On non-isomorphic surjective endomorphisms of projective varieties
06:00 Beijing 14:00 Kewei Zhang Basis divisors and balanced metrics
07:00 Beijing 15:00 Yifei Chen Singularities on toric fibrations
08:00 New Delhi 13:30 Omprokash Das Log Minimal Model Program (MMP) for Kahler 3-folds
09:00 Moscow 12:00 Kostya Loginov On non-rationality of degenerations of del Pezzo surfaces
10:00 Moscow 13:00 Alexander Perepechko Generic flexibility of cubic cones
11:00 Bucharest 14:00 Marian Aprodu Green's conjecture and vanishing of Koszul modules
12:00 Munich 14:00 Claudia Stadlmayr Weak del Pezzo surfaces with global vector fields
13:00 Paris 15:00 Olivier Benoist Approximation of differentiable submanifolds by real algebraic subvarieties
14:00 Loughborough 15:00 Liana Heuberger Constructing new Q-Fano threefolds using Laurent inversion
15:00 Colchester 16:00 Jesus Martinez-Garcia Asymptotically log del Pezzo surfaces
16:00 Ibadan 17:00 Praise Adeyemo Lattice polytopes associated with a sequence of Grassmannians
17:00 New York 13:00 Zachary Sylvan Homological mirror symmetry near SYZ singularities
18:00 New York 14:00 David Swinarski The Mukai model of the moduli space of curves of genus 7
19:00 Valparaiso 15:00 Pedro Montero Geometry and arithmetic of equivariant compactifications of the affine space
20:00 Mexico City 15:00 Ernesto Lupercio Quantum toric geometry
21:00 Palo Alto 14:00 Isabel Vogt Brill-Noether Theory over the Hurwitz space
22:00 Irvine 15:00 Vladimir Baranovsky Quantization, Chern characters and index theorems in algebraic geometry
23:00 Honolulu 13:00 Elizabeth Gross Phylogenetic network varieties