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Summer Break

Date Speaker Title and Video/Slides Link
26 March 2020 Costya Shramov Automorphisms of elliptic surfaces
31 March 2020 Piotr Pokora Conic-line arrangements in the complex projective plane
14 April 2020 Chenyang Xu K-moduli of Fano varieties
21 April 2020 Gregory Sankaran Blowups with log canonical singularities
23 April 2020 Yoshinori Gongyo On a generalized Batyrev's cone conjecture
28 April 2020 Christopher Hacon Recent progress in the MMP for 3-folds and 4-folds in char p>0
30 April 2020 Arnaud Beauville Vector bundles on Fano threefolds and K3 surfaces
5 May 2020 Chen Jiang Minimal log discrepancies of 3-dimensional non-canonical singularities
7 May 2020 Samuel Grushevsky Geometry of moduli of cubic threefolds
12 May 2020 Kristin De Vleming Wall crossing for K-moduli spaces of plane curves
14 May 2020 John Christian Ottem Tropical degenerations and stable rationality
19 May 2020 Mircea Mustata Minimal exponent and Hodge filtrations
21 May 2020 Xavier Roulleau On the geometric models of K3 surfaces with finite automorphism group and Picard number larger than two
26 May 2020 Zsolt Patakfalvi On the Beauville-Bogomolov decomposition in positive characteristic
28 May 2020 Alexandra Kuznetsova Sextic double solids
2 June 2020 Stefan Schreieder Equality in the Bogomolov-Miyaoka-Yau inequality in the non-general type case
2 June 2020 Johannes Nicaise Stable rationality of complete intersections
4 June 2020 Caucher Birkar Geometry of polarised varieties
9 June 2020 Yuri Prokhorov General elephants for 3-fold extremal contractions
11 June 2020 Ilia Zharkov Topological SYZ fibrations with discriminant in codimension 2
16 June 2020 Nikolaos Tziolas Vector fields on canonically polarized surfaces
18 June 2020 Claire Voisin Triangle varieties and surface decomposition of hyper-Kahler manifolds
23 June 2020 Alexander Polishchuk Hyperelliptic limits of quadrics through canonical curves and the super-Schottky locus
25 June 2020 David Mumford A moduli space in the differential geometry world
30 June 2020 Izzet Coskun The stabilization of the cohomology of moduli spaces of sheaves on surfaces
2 July 2020 Susanna Zimmermann Finite quotients of Cremona groups
7 July 2020 Ziquan Zhuang K-stability of Fano varieties via admissible flags
9 July 2020 Harold Blum On properness of K-moduli spaces and destabilizations of Fano varieties
14 July 2020 Helene Esnault Density of arithmetic representations
16 July 2020 Matthias Schuett Rational curves on Enriques surfaces, but only few
21 July 2020 Jihun Park Cayley octads, plane quartic curves, Del Pezzo surfaces of degree 2 and double Veronese cones
23 July 2020 Ruadhai Dervan Stability of fibrations
28 July 2020 Jean-Pierre Demailly Hermitian-Yang-Mills approach to the conjecture of Griffiths on the positivity of ample vector bundles
30 July 2020 Ziwen Zhu Equivariant K-stability under finite group action
4 August 2020 Hamid Ahmadinezhad Birational geometry of Fano 3-fold hypersurfaces of higher index
6 August 2020 Marina Logares Poisson and symplectic geometry of the moduli spaces of Higgs bundles
11 August 2020 Robert Lazarsfeld Cayley-Bacharach theorems and multiplier ideals
13 August 2020 Yuchen Liu On K-stability of cubic hypersurfaces
18 August 2020 Alessio Corti Smoothing Gorenstein toric affine 3-folds
20 August 2020 Nicola Pagani Classifying fine compactified universal Jacobians
25 August 2020 Christian Boehning Rigid, not infinitesimally rigid surfaces of general type with ample canonical bundle
27 August 2020 Robert Berman Kahler-Einstein metrics, Archimedean Zeta functions and phase transitions
1 September 2020 Zoom Algebraic Geometry Marathon
3 September 2020 Jarod Alper Advances in moduli theory
8 September 2020 Andreas Hoering Fano manifolds such that the tangent bundle is (not) big
10 September 2020 Joaquin Moraga Topology and geometry of Kawamata log terminal singularities
15 September 2020 Julie Rana Singularities and divisors in the moduli space of surfaces
17 September 2020 Christian Liedtke Rational curves on K3 surfaces
22 September 2020 Jean-Louis Colliot-Thelene Zero-cycles on del Pezzo surfaces
24 September 2020 Alan Thompson Mirror symmetry for fibrations and degenerations
29 September 2020 Yuri Zarhin Jordan properties of automorphism groups of algebraic varieties and complex manifolds
1 October 2020 Burt Totaro The Hilbert scheme of points on affine space
6 October 2020 Junliang Shen Cohomology of the moduli of Higgs bundles and the Hausel-Thaddeus conjecture
8 October 2020 Timothy Logvinenko Skein-triangulated representations of generalised braids
13 October 2020 Ana-Maria Castravet Blown-up toric surfaces with non-polyhedral effective cone
15 October 2020 Sandra Di Rocco Algebraic Geometry of Data
20 October 2020 Gergely Berczi Non-reductive group actions and hyperbolicity
22 October 2020 Alexander Borisov Projective geometry approach to Jacobian Conjecture
27 October 2020 Daniel Greb Projective flatness over klt spaces and uniformisation of varieties with nef anti-canonical divisor
29 October 2020 Junyan Cao On the Ohsawa-Takegoshi extension theorem
3 November 2020 Bianca Viray On quadratic points on intersections of two quadrics
5 November 2020 Cristiano Spotti Geometric aspects of Kaehler-Einstein metrics on klt pairs
10 November 2020 Aleksandr Pukhlikov Rationally connected rational double covers of primitive Fano varieties
12 November 2020 Juergen Hausen Automorphisms of k*-surfaces
17 November 2020 Michela Artebani Cox rings of K3 surfaces
19 November 2020 Yukari Ito The McKay correspondence
24 November 2020 Kazushi Ueda Noncommutative del Pezzo surfaces
26 November 2020 Yuji Odaka On compactifying moduli and degenerations of K-trivial varieties
1 December 2020 Takuzo Okada K-stability of birationally superrigid Fano 3-fold weighted hypersurfaces
3 December 2020 Hulya Arguz Enumerating punctured log Gromov-Witten invariants from wall-crossing
8 December 2020 Keiji Oguiso Smooth projective rational varieties with non-finitely generated discrete automorphism group
10 December 2020 Artan Sheshmani Atiyah class and sheaf counting on local Calabi-Yau 4 folds
15 December 2020 Sho Tanimoto Rational curves on Fano threefolds
17 December 2020 Andrew Harder Log symplectic pairs and mixed Hodge structures
22 December 2020 Han-Bom Moon Point configurations, phylogenetic trees, and dissimilarity vectors
24 December 2020 Hokuto Uehara Exceptional collections on the Hirzebruch surface of degree 2
29 December 2020 Jingjun Han The ACC for local volumes and boundedness of singularities
7 January 2021 Hiromichi Takagi Key varieties for prime Q-Fano threefolds of codimension 4
12 January 2021 Patricio Gallardo Compactifications of the moduli space of cubic surfaces
14 January 2021 Hiromu Tanaka On Mori fibre spaces in positive characteristic
19 January 2021 Shihoko Ishii Uniform bound of the number of weighted blow-ups to compute the minimal log discrepancy for smooth 3-folds
21 January 2021 Osamu Fujino On extremal contractions of log canonical pairs
26 January 2021 Frances Kirwan Moduli of unstable objects in algebraic geometry
28 January 2021 Fabrizio Catanese Varieties of nodal surfaces, Coding theory, and cubic discriminants
2 February 2021 Simon Donaldson Enumerative geometry, Fredholm analysis and moduli spaces of surfaces of general type
4 February 2021 Shinnosuke Okawa Moduli space of semiorthogonal decompositions
9 February 2021 Enrica Floris Connected algebraic groups acting on Fano fibrations over P1
11 February 2021 Tommaso de Fernex Motivic integration on Berkovic spaces
16 February 2021 Yusuke Nakamura Inversion of adjunction for quotient singularities
18 February 2021 Paola Frediani A canonical Hodge theoretic projective structure on compact Riemann surfaces
23 February 2021 Shing-Tung Yau Geometry of conifold transitions
25 February 2021 Atsushi Ito Linear systems on abelian varieties via M-regularity of Q-twisted sheaves
2 March 2021 Fernando Cukierman Deformations of exterior differential ideals and applications
4 March 2021 Kiwamu Watanabe Positivity of the exterior power of the tangent bundles
9 March 2021 Shunsuke Takagi Deformations of F-pure and F-regular singularities
11 March 2021 Carolina Araujo Birational geometry of Calabi-Yau pairs and 3-dimensional Cremona transformations
16 March 2021 Taro Sano Birational boundedness of some Calabi-Yau hypersurfaces
18 March 2021 Chris Lazda A Neron-Ogg-Shafarevich criterion for K3 surfaces
23 March 2021 John Lesieutre Rational surface automorphisms without periodic curves
30 March 2021 Katsuhisa Furukawa On the singular loci of higher secant varieties of Veronese embeddings
1 April 2021 Slava Shokurov Around a-n-complements
6 April 2021 Takehiko Yasuda Stringy motives and local fundamental groups of klt surface singularities in arbitrary characteristic
8 April 2021 Adrian Langer Chern classes of vector bundles
13 April 2021 Karl Schwede Recent progress in mixed characteristic higher dimensional algebraic geometry
15 April 2021 Yasunari Nagai Rational normal quintic curves on a cubic fourfold
20 April 2021 Jakub Witaszek Relative semiampleness in mixed characteristic
22 April 2021 Sandor Kovacs Hodge sheaves for singular families
27 April 2021 Yuri Tschinkel Equivariant birational types
29 April 2021 Ana Margarida Melo On the top weight cohomology of the moduli space of abelian varieties
4 May 2021 Maria Pe Pereira Moderately discontinuous algebraic topology
6 May 2021 Mara Ungureanu Counts of secant planes to varieties, Virasoro algebras, and universal polynomials
11 May 2021 Stefan Kebekus Brauer-Manin obstruction on a simply connected fourfold and a Mordell theorem in the orbifold setting
13 May 2021 Jack Rogers K-stability of smooth Fano SL2-threefolds
18 May 2021 Jorgen Rennemo K-theoretic sheaf counting invariants on C4
20 May 2021 Marta Pieropan Campana points on Fano varieties
25 May 2021 Brendan Hassett Rationality of even-dimensional intersections of two real quadrics
27 May 2021 Anthony Varilly-Alvarado Quasi-hyperbolicity via explicit symmetric differentials
1 June 2021 Livia Campo Fano 3-folds and double covers
3 June 2021 Enrico Fatighenti Fano varieties from homogeneous vector bundles
8 June 2021 Lev Borisov Explicit equations of surfaces of general type
10 June 2021 Fumiaki Suzuki An O-acyclic variety of even index
15 June 2021 Eveline Legendre Valuative stability for polarised varieties
17 June 2021 Paolo Cascini Birational geometry of foliations on a complex threefold
22 June 2021 Krishna Hanumanthu Rationality questions on Seshadri constants
24 June 2021 Howard Nuer The cohomology of the general stable sheaf on a K3 surface
29 June 2021 Javier Fernandez de Bobadilla The Brasselet-Schurmann-Yokura conjecture for L-classes on singular varieties
1 July 2021 Sheng Meng Automorphism group and its Jordan property
6 July 2021 Taku Suzuki Higher order minimal families of rational curves on Fano manifolds
8 July 2021 Aline Zanardini Stability of pencils of plane curves
13 July 2021 Zheng Zhang The moduli space of cubic surface pairs via the intermediate Jacobians of Eckardt cubic threefolds
15 July 2021 Nicole Lemire Codimension 2 cycles of classifying spaces of low-dimensional algebraic tori
20 July 2021 Eiji Inoue Perelman's entropy and optimal degeneration
22 July 2021 Swarnava Mukhopadhyay Hitchin Connection for parabolic bundles
27 July 2021 Kenneth Ascher K-stability and birational geometry of moduli spaces of quartic K3 surfaces
29 July 2021 Anand Sawant Near-rationality properties of norm varieties
2 September 2021 Andrea Fanelli Rational simple connectedness and Fano threefolds
7 September 2021 Christian Schnell A new finiteness theorem for variations of Hodge structure
9 September 2021 Stefano Filipazzi On the boundedness of elliptically fibered varieties
14 September 2021 Jaroslaw Wisniewski Rational maps via C* actions
16 September 2021 Geordie Williamson Geometric extensions
21 September 2021 Alex Perry Serre functors of semiorthogonal components
23 September 2021 June Huh Lorentzian polynomials
28 September 2021 Giulia Sacca Compactification of Lagrangian fibrations
30 September 2021 Amnon Neeman Uniqueness theorems for dg enhancements
5 October 2021 Ana Caraiani On the cohomology of Hilbert modular varieties with torsion coefficients
7 October 2021 Yongnam Lee Dominant rational maps from a very general hypersurface
12 October 2021 Richard Thomas Higher rank DT theory from curve counting
14 October 2021 Fei Hu A dynamical approach to generalized Weil's Riemann hypothesis
19 October 2021 Ronan Terpereau Real structures on almost homogeneous varieties
21 October 2021 Donu Arapura Euler characteristics of aspherical Kähler manifolds
26 October 2021 Fenglong You Degenerations, fibrations and mirror symmetry
28 October 2021 Slava Kharlamov New examples of surgery invariant counts in real algebraic geometry
2 November 2021 Elana Kalashnikov Undoing toric degenerations: an analogue of Greene-Plesser mirror symmetry for the Grassmannian
4 November 2021 Francois Loeser A motivic version of topological mirror symmetry
9 November 2021 Farbod Shokrieh Heights and moments of abelian varieties
11 November 2021 Rosa Winter Concurrent exceptional curves on del Pezzo surfaces of degree one and torsion points on elliptic fibrations
16 November 2021 Mark Gross Open FJRW theory
18 November 2021 Oscar Garcia-Prada Higgs bundles and higher Teichmüller spaces
23 November 2021 Sung Rak Choi Subadditivity theorem for Okounkov bodies
25 November 2021 Christian Urech Actions of Cremona groups on CAT(0) cube complexes
30 November 2021 Fatemeh Rezaee Wall-crossing pathologies in dimension three
2 December 2021 Brian Lehmann Rational curves on del Pezzo surfaces in characteristic p
7 December 2021 Jun-Muk Hwang Minimal rational curves and 1-flat irreducible G-structures
9 December 2021 Helge Ruddat Fano manifolds from smoothing toroidal crossing varieties
14 December 2021 Laura Schaposnik The geometry of Generalized Hyperpolygons, Hitchin systems and other scientific advances
16 December 2021 Matthew Ballard Stratified Mukai flops revisited
21 December 2021 Linquan Ma The cohomology table of coherent sheaves on singular projective varieties
11 January 2022 Takumi Murayama The Kawamata-Viehweg vanishing theorem for schemes
13 January 2022 Kris Shaw A tropical approach to the enriched count of bitangents to quartic curves
18 January 2022 Eunjeong Lee On smooth toric Richardson varieties
20 January 2022 Ehud Hrushovski Old and new results in the model theory of finite fields
25 January 2022 Hannah Larson The rational Chow rings of M7, M8, and M9
27 January 2022 Sukmoon Huh Torelli problem on logarithmic sheaves
1 February 2022 Soheyla Feyzbakhsh Moduli spaces of stable objects in the Kuznetsov component of cubic threefolds
3 February 2022 Andrei Okounkov The unramified Eisenstein spectrum
8 February 2022 Sean Keel Mirror symmetry and analytic disks
10 February 2022 Mario Kummer Secant varieties of real curves
15 February 2022 Alena Pirutka On local-global principles and Galois cohomology
17 February 2022 David Favero Path homotopy quiver algebras and Mirror Symmetry
22 February 2022 Alicia Dickenstein Iterated and mixed discriminants
24 February 2022 Diane Maclagan Toric and tropical Bertini theorems in arbitrary characteristic
1 March 2022 Georg Oberdieck Holomorphic anomaly equations for the Hilbert schemes of points of a K3 surface
3 March 2022 Johannes Nordstrom K3 surfaces and twisted connected sum G2-manifolds
8 March 2022 Daniel Bragg Compact supersingular twistor spaces
10 March 2022 Jean-Yves Welschinger Shellable tilings on simplicial complexes
15 March 2022 Guolei Zhong Compact Kähler threefolds with the action of an abelian group of maximal dynamical rank
17 March 2022 Lawrence Jack Barrott Fibrations and degenerations of Calabi-Yau varieties via tropical geometry
22 March 2022 Tom Bridgeland Geometric structures on spaces of quadratic differentials
24 March 2022 Masafumi Hattori On K-stability of Calabi-Yau fibrations
29 March 2022 Tristan Collins SYZ mirror symmetry for some Calabi-Yau surface pairs
31 March 2022 Julius Ross Hodge-Riemann classes and Schur polynomials
5 April 2022 Giulio Codogni Ample cone of KSB and K- moduli spaces
7 April 2022 Antonio Laface On effective cones of rational surfaces
12 April 2022 Jose Ignacio Burgos Gil Chern-Weil theory and Hilbert-Samuel theorem for semi-positive singular toroidal metrics on line bundles
14 April 2022 Max Lieblich Infinite rank vector bundles and applications
19 April 2022 Erik Paemurru Counting Divisorial Contractions with Centre a cAn-singularity
21 April 2022 Eva Elduque Eigenspace decomposition of mixed Hodge structures on Alexander modules
26 April 2022 Theodoros Papazachariou K-moduli for log Fano complete intersections
28 April 2022 Arman Sarikyan Equivariant pliability of the projective space
3 May 2022 Kyoung-Seog Lee Derived categories and motives of moduli spaces of vector bundles on curves
5 May 2022 Ariyan Javanpeykar Shafarevich's conjecture for canonically polarized varieties revisited
10 May 2022 Emma Brakkee General type results for moduli of hyperkahler varieties
12 May 2022 Daniel Chan The minimal model program for arithmetic surfaces enriched by a Brauer class
17 May 2022 Benoit Claudon Numerical characterization of complex tori
19 May 2022 Anne-Sophie Kaloghiros 1-dimensional K-moduli spaces of Fano 3-folds
24 May 2022 Benjamin Bakker Period integrals of algebraic varieties
26 May 2022 Evgeny Shinder Motivic invariants of birational maps
31 May 2022 Nicholas Shepherd-Barron Periods of elliptic surfaces