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About the workshop

The annual Invited Lecturers scheme aims to bring a distinguished overseas mathematician to the United Kingdom to present a small course of about ten lectures spread over a week. Each course of Invited Lectures is on a major field of current mathematical research, and is instructional in nature, being directed both at graduate students beginning research and at established mathematicians who wish to learn about a field outside their own research specialism.

In addition to the main lecturer, in this occasion the LMS Invited lectures will count with support lecturers in the following topics:

  • Fano fourfolds (Brown).
  • Subgrgoups of Cremona groups (Cheltsov).
  • Birational Geometry and Derived Categories (Logvinenko).

Financial support

The workshop is generously supported by the London Mathematical Society. We have limited funds available to support PhD students and young postdocs.

Prof. Fedor Bogomolov (Source: Wikipedia)

Prof. Fedor Bogomolov (Source: Wikipedia)

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