LP Explorer 1.0: Parameters

To use the applet on a web page, add it in the appropriate place with the parameters which define the problem you wish to explore. For example to add LP Explorer for the following problem,

Maximize f = 30x1 + 40x2
 subject to    x1 +   x2 <=  80
               x1 +  2x2 <= 120
               x1 >= 0, x2 >= 0

requires the HTML

<APPLET codebase="http://www.maths.ed.ac.uk/LP-Explorer"
           ALT="Your browser does not support this applet"
           width=200 height=50>
           <param name="tableau" value="1, 1, 80: 1, 2, 120: 30, 40, 0">

to create the button

The string supplied as the `value' of the parameter contains the data for the LP which are specified row-wise. Each row is separated by colons, with commas used to separate the coefficients. The constraints are specified first, with the final coefficient being the right hand side value. The last row is the objective function and is not terminated.

Once the appropriate text is embedded in an HTML document, all that remains is to fire up your favourite Java-enabled web browser. Your document will contain a small button which, when pressed, brings up the LP Explorer window.

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since 16/1/98.