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LP Explorer 1.0

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LP Explorer enables the simplex method to be applied to a linear programming (LP) problem and allows the sensitivity of the solution to changes in the problem data to be examined.

LP Explorer is of particular value for problems with 2 variables when the simplex method and solution sensitivity are interpreted graphically.

It is possible to enter the LP problem data via a sequence of two forms

Before clicking on the box below (which runs LP Explorer for an example problem) it is suggested that you consult the user guide. This also links to further examples of LP Explorer in use and instructions on how to apply it to an LP problem of your own.

LP Explorer was designed by Julian Hall (Mathematics) and Melanie Baird (Sellic On-Line), both of the University of Edinburgh. It was written by Melanie Baird in JDK1.02 and will run in any Java-enabled browser. Sellic On-Line was funded by Sun Microsystems. Sun Logo

MERLOT Logo A review of LP Explorer 1.0 by the Java Applet Rating Service placed it in the top 25% of java-based resources. JARS Logo
LP Explorer 1.0 has been reviewed by MERLOT.
LP Explorer appears on the Game Theory, Linear/Non-Linear Programming page of the Maths Forum.
LP Explorer appears in the LP section of the Calculators On-line Center.