Scientific Program

Each invited expert will give a 90 minute presentation and each laureate will have one hour to present their work (including questions).

In addition to those presentations, we intend to hold three workshops, each coordinated by two or three of the invited speakers. During these workshops, the laureates, split into groups, will have the chance of working together on a given topic. After two days, each group will present its findings to all laureates.

These workshops give the laureates the opportunity to delve deeper into some of the topics addressed in the talks of the experts. Furthermore, we hope to encourage laureates to work together on some problems and, hopefully, lay the grounds for future collaborations among them.

The first workshop will start in the middle of the first week, with the presentations on Friday. The other two workshops will be scheduled for the second week. This schedule is not only to give enough time for the laureates to get to know each other, but also to ensure that by the time of the workshops, the laureates have already attended the relevant lectures for the corresponding topics.

Finally, we are very pleased to say that there will be a special issue of Computers & Operations Research covering the topics of the ESI and that selected papers of the Institute will be eligible for submission.


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