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add_index Struct Reference

An entry on the indexing expressions stack. More...

#include <backend.h>

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 SyntaxNode representing the dummy variable expr.
 SyntaxNode representing the set.

Detailed Description

An entry on the indexing expressions stack.

add_index implements a stack of applicable indexing expressions: for processing the model. Indexing expressions on the stack come from block definitions that have been passed.

Indexing expressions are stored separately by dummy variable part (the bit before the 'in' keyword) and set part (the bit after the 'in' keyword)

this stack could be implemented as its own class: these two would become static class variables
this is fairly dumb at the moment: it cannot deal with
  • multiple dimensions {i in SET1,j in SET2}
  • SET valued expressions: {i in SET1 cross SET2}
  • conditions: {(i,j) in SET1:i<j}
SyntaxNodeIx does provide all these. Should replace the stack of add_index objects by a stack of SyntaxNodeIx objects

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