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sml.cpp File Reference

#include "sml.h"
#include "AmplModel.h"
#include "backend.h"
#include "ExpandedModel.h"
#include "GlobalVariables.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <sys/stat.h>


void parse_data (AmplModel *, const string &datafilename)
int parse_model (const string &modelfilename)
string sml_version ()
 Report the current version.
static void writeCopyright (ostream &out)
static int createTmpDirIfNotPresent ()
ExpandedModelInterfacesml_generate (const string &modelfilename, const string &datafilename, bool debug)


int yydebug

Function Documentation

static int createTmpDirIfNotPresent (  )  [static]

Referenced by sml_generate().

void parse_data ( AmplModel ,
const string &  datafilename 

References datain, PRINT_LOG, GlobalVariables::prtLvl, and root.

Referenced by sml_generate().

int parse_model ( const string &  modelfilename  ) 
ExpandedModelInterface* sml_generate ( const string &  modelfilename,
const string &  datafilename,
bool  debug 
string sml_version (  ) 

Report the current version.

Referenced by writeCopyright().

static void writeCopyright ( ostream &  out  )  [static]

References sml_version().

Variable Documentation

int yydebug