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GlobalVariables Class Reference

This class provides some static global variables. More...

#include <GlobalVariables.h>

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Static Public Attributes

static std::string datafilename = ""
 Name of the data file.
static const std::string amplcommand = "ampl"
 Command used for invoking ampl.
static PrintLevelValues prtLvl = PRINT_NONE
 Level of debugging printing to screen.
static bool logParseModel = false
 Controls if the model parser should log.

Detailed Description

This class provides some static global variables.

This class provides global variables that control the level of debug printing and logging. It also stores the names of the model and data input files. The initial values for these variables is set in ampl.ypp. Any class that wishes to use this variables must include "GlobalVariables.h".

Member Data Documentation

const string GlobalVariables::amplcommand = "ampl" [static]

Command used for invoking ampl.

Referenced by callAmpl().

string GlobalVariables::datafilename = "" [static]

Name of the data file.

Referenced by expandSet(), StochModel::expandStagesOfComp(), parse_model(), and sml_generate().

bool GlobalVariables::logParseModel = false [static]

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