Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
add_indexAn entry on the indexing expressions stack
AmplModelThis class describes a model (block) in the flat model tree
ExpandedModelInterface::ancestor_iteratorAncestor iterator
changeitemSimple struct that stores a queued change to the model tree
ExpandedModelInterface::child_iteratorDepth first iterator
CompDescrA superclass for all Component Description classes such as Set and CompDescrParam
CompDescrParamThis class describes a parameter: it consists of

  • a list of indexing sets (these might be multidimensional themselves)
  • a list of parameter values (in dense format?) - i.e
CompositeSetThis class represents a set composed of other sets
ExpandedModelA submodel (block) in the expanded model tree, which carries all the information to describe a block of the problem to the solver
ExpandedModelInterfaceThe representation of a a submodel (block) in the expanded model which is passed to the solver to allow it to calculate values
GlobalVariablesThis class provides some static global variables
IDNodeA node on the tree representing a user identifier (ie variable name)
ListNodeRepresents a comma separated list of SyntaxNodes
ListSetThis class represents a set with explicitly enumerated members
ModelCompObject to represent a component of an AMPL/SML model/block
NlFileThis object represents a *.nl file: it is associated with an ExpandedModel object and provides routines to access the *.nl file through the amplsolver library
OpNodeRepresents an operator
SetThis class describes a set: it mainly consists of a list of set elements
SetElementThis class describes an element of a set
SetNodeThis class represents a set in the the syntax tree
SetSpecWraps a set template with an object list
SimpleSetThis class represents a contiguous set defined using 1..T or similar
StochModelThis class describes a stochastic model (block)
StochModelCompThe class describes an entity in a stochastic model
SyntaxNodeThis is a node in the operator tree
SyntaxNodeIDREFA node on the tree representing a reference to a ModelComp
SyntaxNodeIxA node on the operator tree representing an indexing expression
ValueNode< T >Represents a value