Ken McKinnon (University of Edinburgh)

Minimizing load shedding in electricity networks by preventive islanding
Wednesday 9 November 2011 at 15.30, JCMB 6206


This talk will describe an approach to splitting an electricity transmission network into islands so as to isolate part of the network where problems are believed to be occurring from the rest. Islanding is an action of last resort aimed at preventing local problems spreading and causing wide-area blackouts. Our goal is to split the network in such a way that the expected amount of load disconnected is minimized and the resulting islanded network is left in a stable steady state. The general form of the problem can be framed as a MINLP, but simplifications are needed to make it tractable. The approach describe in this talk is to make tentative islanding decisions using a model of only the real power flows and then adapt the resulting islands so satisfy the voltage and dynamic constraints. Results using standard IEEE networks will be presented.

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