Bjørn Nygreen (NTNU, Norway)

Optimal off-shore gas production
Wednesday 17 October 2001 at 15.30, JCMB 6310


The purpose of this talk is both to describe how a short-term gas production problem can be modelled as a mathematical program and to show how such models can be implemented in a use-friendly way. The problem has demand that varies both between seasons and between days, such that the production also has to be varied. The model consists of multi component flows in pipes, linear quality constraints on the composite products, non-linear splitting of flows in chemical equipment and production decisions. The non-linear parts are modelled discrete, such that the resulting model is a mixed integer linear program.

A spreadsheet (Excel) for database, pre- and post processing and a commercial linear programming system (Xpress-mp) have been used for implementing the model.

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