George Skondras (University of Edinburgh, EPS)

New MAGIC: model-building for the 21st century
Wednesday 27 November 1996 at 15.30, JCMB 6324


Mathematical programming models involve the maximization or minimization of an objective function subject to a set of constraints. The constraints and objective may be linear or nonlinear, the variables may be continuous or integer and the constraints may involve logical conditions. Setting up even small models by hand in the format necessary for a particular optimizer is an error prone and time consuming process. What is needed, therefore, is a language which will allow a wide range of MP models to be defined in a compact algebraic format and a system which will take a model in this form and generate from it the data needed for a specified optimizer. The key features of such a language are the naturalness and flexibility of expressing real life optimization problems(including linear, nonlinear, integer and logical constraints), the speed of model generation and the use of visual tools to inspect the problem and its solution. New MAGIC is being designed to meet these requirements. This talk will present the proposed features of new Magic and relate them to existing modelling languages.

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