Tim Weelinck


I am a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh working with David Jordan, and a member of the Hodge Institute and Algebra and Number Theory Group at UoE.
My research interests revolve around representation theory and geometry, and areas where the two collide e.g. factorization homology of quantum groups over surfaces, or the geometry of quantum groups at roots of unity. I'm also interested to the relations to low-dimensional topology (topological field theory).
Before coming to Edinburgh I studied the MSc Mathematical Physics at the University of Amsterdam, and visited UC Berkeley for the academic year 2014-2015.


Visiting address:
School of Mathematics
The University of Edinburgh
James Clerk Maxwell Building
The King's Buildings
Peter Guthrie Tait Road
Scotland, UK

Room number: 5401.
E-mail: t.a.n.weelinck AT ed.ac.uk


Matt Booth and I organise Hodge Club, a seminar for postdocs and PhD students at the Hodge Institute, for the 2016-17 academic year.
Simon Crawford, Tomasz Przezdziecki and myself organise the GEARS seminar for the 2016-2017 academic year. This is a joint seminar between University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow and Heriot-Watt University aimed at PhD students that use algebra in their research.
Currently, we have a reading seminar on higher categories running in Edinburgh, joint with students from Heriot-Watt.


April 2017 The Braided Geometry of Quantum Symmetric Pairs GEARS Seminar, Glasgow/Edinburgh
March 2017 Deformations of Line Bundles Reading Course on Deformation Theory, Edinburgh
February 2017 Chern-Weil Theory Hodge Club, Edinburgh
January 2017 Characteristic Classes for Beginners Hodge Club, Edinburgh
December 2016 Introduction to Spectral Sequences Homological Algebra Seminar, Edinburgh
November 2016 A Crash Course on Classifying Spaces Research Group Seminar, Edinburgh
November 2016 Persistent Homology: Is it actually useful? PG Colloquium, Edinburgh
October 2016 Quantum Symmetric Pairs Research Group Seminar, Edinburgh
June 2016 Tannakian Techniques Ninja Workshop, Edinburgh
June 2016 The Monadology Ninja Workshop, Edinburgh
March 2016 Introduction to Factorization Homology (2 talks) TFT Working Seminar, Glasgow/Edinburgh
February 2016 The Quantum Group Revolution: Drinfeld's ICMS address GEARS Seminar, Glasgow/Edinburgh
January 2016 Sheaf Cohomology Working Seminar on Perverse Sheaves and Decomposition Theorem, Edinburgh
October 2015 Geometric Quantization & The Quantum Harmonic Oscillator Geometry Club, Edinburgh
October 2015 Quasi-Hamiltonian Reduction II: Two views on the symplectic nature of gauge theory Working Seminar on BRST Reduction, Edinburgh
October 2015 Quasi-Hamiltonian Reduction I: Quasi-Poisson Manifolds Working Seminar on BRST Reduction, Edinburgh
April 2015 Representation Theory of U_q sl_2|1 at roots of 1 GRASP Seminar, Berkeley
January 2015 Relations on M_g,n from Witten's 3-spin class GRASP Seminar, Berkeley
November 2014 Half density quantization of the moduli space of flat connections and Witten's invariants Student Seminar Symplectic and Quantum Geometry, Berkeley



April 21-22 2017 I'm organising the 50th ARTIN meeting for PhD students and postdocs in Edinburgh. Including a walk up Arthur's seat!

In June 2016 Tom Avery and I organised a local `mini-conference' in Edinburgh on category theory: Ninja Workshop on Category Theory.

July 2017 Infinity Operads and Applications Osnabruck
April 2017 (BIGW) Higgs bundles: algebraic and differential geometric perspectives Edinburgh
February 2017 Workshop on quantum fields, knots and integrable systems Edinburgh
September 2016 Geometric Representation Theory and Beyond Oxford
June/July 2016 Poisson 2016 Geneva and Zürich
June 2016 European Talbot Workshop Winterberg
June 2016 Ninja Workshop on Category Theory Edinburgh
May 2016 Workshop: Categorification Bonn
November 2015 Perturbative Quantization of Gauge Theories on Manifolds with Boundary Aarhus
October 2015 Higher Structures in Geometry and Physics 2015 Bonn
September 2015 Derived Structures in Geometry and Representation Theory Oxford