I am very fortunate to be able to work with a team of amazing and very talented people. If you want to join the group as a PhD student or a postdoc, read about open positions here. If you wish to join the group as a master or undergraduate student, talk to me.


Robert Mansel Gower (3/2016–6/2016)
current position: Postdoctoral Laureate, INRIA, France

Ademir Ribeiro (10/20143/2015)
current position: Associate Professor, University of Paraná, Brazil

Zheng Qu (1/201408/2015)
current position: Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Olivier Fercoq (10/20127/2014)
current position: Assistant Professor, Télécom ParisTech, France

Rachael Tappenden (2/20127/2014)
current position: Assistant Professor, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Jakub Mareček (1/20126/2012)
current position: IBM Research, Ireland

PhD Students

Filip Hanzely (9/2016)

Nicolas Loizou (10/2015)

Theo Pavlakou (9/2015)
co-supervised with Iain Murray

Robert Mansel Gower (3/20153/2016)
thesis: Sketch and project: randomized iterative methods for solving linear systems and inverting matrices
current position: Postdoctoral Laureate, INRIA, France

Luca Bravi (3/20156/2015)
visiting PhD student from University of Florence, Italy

Dominik Csiba (9/2014)
area: Sampling strategies for empirical risk minimization

Jakub Konečný (8/2013)
area: Optimization in machine learning

Minnan Luo (9/20122/2013)
visiting PhD student from Tsinghua University, China
current position: Visiting Scholar, Carnegie-Mellon University & Assistant Professor, Xi'an Jiaotong University

Martin Takáč (9/2010–3/2014)
thesis: Randomized coordinate descent methods for big data optimization
current position: Assistant Professor, Lehigh University, USA

Centre for Doctoral Training in Data Science Students

Theo Pavlakou (2015) - MSc dissertation
George Papamakarios (2014) - IRDS project (report)

MSc/MMath Students

Juraj Labant (2016)
Jakob Kisiala (2015), dissertation, 1st position: risk analyst at Barclays (Glasgow)
Arefin Md. Rajib (2015), next position: faculty at Mathematics Department, University of Dhaka (Bangladesh)
Yijun Zheng (2015)
Li Tao (2015)
Tong Ma (2014)
Rui Zhong (2014), 1st position: Tencent (Beijing)
Yu Yu (2013)
Tingting Tao (2013)
Meimei Wang (2013), 1st position: citigold associate at Citibank China
Meensuk Punlavee (2013)
Alexander Banks-Watson (2012), 1st position: Quintiq (Netherlands)
Christos Delivorias (2012), 1st position: quant at SWIP
Mihyun Jang (2012)
Chao Yu (2011), 1st position: Royal Bank of Scotland
William Hulme (2011), 1st position: NHS Blood & Transplant, as of '14: PhD studies HERC
James Boffin (2011), 1st position: ORH Ltd
Marilena Karanika (2010), 1st position: Royal Bank of Scotland
Robie King (2010)
Jinwen Lin (2010)

Undergraduate Students

Sean Ryan (2015-2016, Mathematics) - Stochastic methods for solving large linear systems

Undergraduate Summer Research Interns

Mojmir Mutny (2015, Physics), next position: MS programme at ETH Zurich
Debadri Mukherjee (2014, Informatics)
Mojmir Mutny (2014, Physics) - code
Iliana Peneva (2012, Mathematics)
Bartosz Filipecki (2011, Mathematics), first position: PhD studies at CORE, Catholic University of Louvain
Edward Cumberlege (2011, Mathematics)
Bartosz Filipecki (2010, Mathematics)


Selin D. Ahipasaoglu (LSE / SUTD)
Michel Baes (University of Zurich)
Armin Eftekhari (The Alan Turing Institute)
Matthias Ehrhardt (Cambridge)
Radoslav Harman (Bratislava)
Vu Khac Ky (Ecole Polytechnique)
Ion Necoara (Bucharest)
Yurii Nesterov (Louvain)
Tie Ni (Liaoning Technical University)
Jean-Christophe Pesquet (Paris-Est)
Janez Povh (Slovenia)
Nati Srebro (TTI Chicago)
Sebastian Stich (Louvain)
Tuomo Valkonen (Cambridge)
László A. Végh (LSE)