LaTeX Workshop

This webpage contains the resources for the Innovative Learning Week LaTeX workshop.

I am going to assume that you don't need convinced to abandon MS Word, and that LaTeX is much better, but if you are wavering read this.

Some non-maths examples of books typeset in TeX can be found here, in particular this is worth a look.

Main tutorial resources:

Exercises: Typeset the following:
  • Exercise one is here. You will need to read Tutorial 1 (Basics) and 9 (Maths1) to do this.
  • Exercise two is here. You will need to read Tutorial 1 (Basics), 9 (Maths1), 10 (Maths2) and 7 (Formatting) to do this. See also Chapter 3 of the Not so Short guide below.
Main example files:
  • The most basic "Hello World!" file is here.
  • The fourth year project template is here. For this to work, you will need to download edmaths.sty and save it to the same directory as the TeX file. Also, to include the graphics you will need to download both plot01.eps and plot02.eps.
  • A beamer example is here.
Other resources: