Research Interests

My research lies in the area of Representation Theory. I am interested in quantum groups and braid groups, integrable systems, hyperplane arrangements, and categorification.

A more detailed explanation of my research activity is given in this Research Statement.

My Curriculum Vitae.

My Teaching Statement.

Preprints/Publications (arXiv)

A. Appel, V. Toledano Laredo, A 2-categorical extension of Etingof-Kazhdan quantisation functor
Selecta Mathematica N.S. DOI Link, 89pp.
(also arXiv:1610.09744)

A. Appel, I. Egilmez, M. Hogancamp, A. Lauda, A DG-extension of symmetric functions arising from higher representation theory, 30pp. arXiv:1704.00713 (submitted)

A. Appel, V. Toledano Laredo, Uniqueness of quasi-Coxeter structures on Kac-Moody algebras, 61pp. arXiv:1508.01945 (submitted)


A. Appel, S. Gautam, An explicit isomorphism between quantum and classical sl(n), 32pp. arXiv:1712.03601

A. Appel, V. Toledano Laredo, Quasi-Coxeter categories and quantum groups, 39pp. arXiv:1610.09741

A. Appel, V. Toledano Laredo, Monodromy of the Casimir connection of a Kac-Moody algebra, 48pp. arXiv:1512.03041


A. Appel, V. Toledano Laredo, Quasi-Coxeter categories and a relative version of Etingof-Kazhdan quantization functor, 63pp. Link (preliminary and partial version of arXiv:1610.09744 and arXiv:1610.09741 )

Phd Thesis on IRis : Monodromy theorems in the affine setting.

Andrea Appel - Bio

Since June 2017, I am Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh.

From 2014 to 2017, I have been Assistant Professor (NTT) at the University of Southern Calfornia.
During Fall 2013, I was Research Fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, hosted by Prof. David Kazhdan.
I received my Ph.D. from Northeastern University in Boston in June 2013, under the supervision of Prof. Valerio Toledano Laredo.

Contact Info

University of Edinburgh
King's Buildings, JCMB
Edinburgh, EH9 3FD

Office: Room 5601