model chip uses "mmxprs" declarations Products: set of string Operations: set of string Profit: array(Products) of real LabourTime: array(Operations, Products) of real LabourLimit: array(Operations) of real Make: array(Products) of mpvar end-declarations initializations from "Chip.dat" Products Operations Profit LabourLimit LabourTime end-initializations !Define the objective TotalProfit := sum(p in Products)Profit(p)*Make(p) !Define the constraints forall(o in Operations) LabourCS(o):= sum(p in Products) LabourTime(o, p)*Make(p) <= LabourLimit(o) !Maximize the objective maximize(TotalProfit) !Write out the solution forall(p in Products) writeln("Make ", getsol(Make(p)), " ", p) ! !Write out the objective value ! writeln writeln("Daily profit is ", getobjval) ! !Indicate that the model has ended ! end-model