Hill running

  • I am a member of Penicuik Harriers
  • Several notable races
    • The Pentland Skyline which I've completed four times and hate.
    • The Carnethy '5' which I've done seven times and learned to love!
    • The Two Breweries which I ran in 2004 and loved.
    • The Yorkshire 3 Peaks Race which I ran in 2006 and loved.
    • The High Peak Marathon which I failed to complete (in 2007) because I had a train to catch. It was a interesting experience, but maybe not one to be repeated!
    • The Lake District Mountain Trial which I ran in 2007. It was a great course but hard work.
    • The Scottish Island Peaks Race (300km of sailing and 100km on roads, trails and mountains on Mull, Jura and Arran) as part of team "Vaila"
      • In 2011 the wind and choppy seas meant that the sailing legs were fast and not conducive to recovery from the hill legs: we finished in 43 hours.
      • In 2012 there was too little wind and the sea was generally calm so there was plenty of time to rest: we (only just) finished in 68 hours.
  • The Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon
    • 3rd on Novice in 1999 with Agnès Guyon
    • DNF on B in 2000 with Iain Davidson
    • 3rd on B in 2001 with Jo Scott
    • 8th on B (1st Mixed) in 2007 with Kirsten Ramsey
    • 17th on B in 2008 with Philip Morant
    • 9th on B in 2009 with Rob Wilson
    • 12th on Score in 2010 with Pete Huzan
    • 6th on B in 2014 with Jeff Roberts
Toiling up
Carnethy in the 2007 Pentland Skyline
Toiling up Carnethy in the 2007 Pentland Skyline

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